The Artisan Olive Oil Company Product #Review

The Artisan Olive Oil Company Product Review: November 2017

Fine home cooking requires premium quality artisan ingredients.  Well, this is where the Artisan Olive Oil Company comes in with their exquisite range of first class olive oils, vinegar’s, tapenades and spreads.  Their partnership with some of the most experienced producers worldwide along with selecting truly talented artisans, gives them the distinct edge, as this enables close control on production, planting and bottling of their oils.  Stringent taste tests are carried out by trained testers who adhere to strict quality control procedures.

Their amazing award-winning olive oils come from Spain, Italy and Tunisia offering a range of unique and distinctive flavours which are enhanced further, as the olives are processed within just a few hours which makes them super healthy and packed full of natural fresh flavours.  One of their suppliers, the Paolo Bonomelli boutique Olive farm founded in 1990, is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, located in Torri del Benaco,.  Benefiting from a specific microclimate their exceptionally high-quality olives retain a unique flavour which has resulted in many accolades and awards.

An impressive delivery of exceptional Artisan olive oil products arrived at blogging HQ to be put through the ultimate taste test.


It was time to create a Spanish sizzle with some sensational paella, using the fresh and fruity Finca La Torre Selection Hojiblanca organic extra virgin olive oil.  Alongside a serving of some bruschetta style sides with lashings of the brilliant black tapenade and amazing artichoke dip.

My second yummy culinary creation was a mouth-watering Mediterranean warm cous cous salad.  Using the organic Tunisian testour sauce to infuse the vegetables and then creating a dressing from the sweet and aromatic organic Pedro Ximenex vinegar and the organic premium Fince La Torre Arbequina extra virgin olive oil to splash all over the amazing ancient Berber organic cous cous.

Exquisite, exceptional and excellent authentic products delivered to your door with ease.  Give them a try, see what dishes you can create and impress your family and friends with your Artisan Olive Oil creations.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



38 thoughts on “The Artisan Olive Oil Company Product #Review

  1. I have learned a lot about olive oil during my recent trip to Italy, when I even took part in the harvest of the olives. A good quality olive oil definitely makes a difference in both taste and health benefits!

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