Mircrobarbox Vodka Cocktails #Review

Mircrobarbox Vodka Cocktails Review: November 2017

Offering a range of monthly cocktail club subscriptions and gift boxes the Microbarbox brand are bringing the party to you with this brilliant bar in a box – boom! This Marvellous mega MicroBarBox rocked up to blogging HQ jam packed with artisan vodka spirits and mixers ready to get the party started, so that you can create your very own cocktails with some fizz and flare.  Get your Friday feeling on and have a fabulous festive Christmas shake up!

The Vodka Cocktail box contents include all the ingredients and instructions* to mix up four fabulous vodka based cocktails, all delicious and simple to create.  The Microbarbox offers you an immersive, entertaining experience that creates an electric atmosphere while sipping your favourite cocktail creations.

To start things off, I got my shake on and created a classic Cosmopolitan, a chic city cocktail, that consisted of Folkington’s Cranberry juice with Smirnoff’s Lime Vodka, Cointreau Triple Sec and a slice of lime, to create a lip-smacking sensational sipper.  

Crank things up a notch with a wonderful wild swan basically a twist on an expresso martini.  The concoction of Raisthorpe toffee vodka and the creaminess of Coole Swan topped off with some fluffy marshmallows is a mix made in heaven.

Fancy a fabulously fresh and refreshing cocktail creation…then the vodka and grapefruit is the one for you.  Amazing Absolut vodka served straight up with a pretty pink grapefruit and tonic water from Fentimans and a wedge of gorgeous grapefruit.

Va va voom a Vanilla Moon, mixed with Absolut Vanilia Vodka with Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Moonshine to create a light glass of loveliness, finish off with a marshmallow for the ultimate cocktail creation.

There you have it, four fabulous cocktails shaken and not stirred which cocktail creation is your favourite?  Why not get your shake on and then you can taste test these creative cocktail concoctions for yourself?  Take advantage nd get 10% off with offer code: FTF10.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




*Box contents:
50ml Absolut Vodka
50ml Smirnoff Lime Vodka
50ml Cointreau Triple sec
50ml Absolut Vanilia Vodka
50ml Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Moonshine
50ml Coole Swan White Chocolate Liqueur
50ml Wild Toffee Caramel Vodka
150ml Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic
250ml Folkingtons Cranberry Juice
The Vodka Cocktail Box contains 11 units of alcohol.





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