Eleventh Day of Giftmas: The Works Christmas Gifts #Review

Eleventh Day of Giftmas: The Works Goodies – £Prices range from £2 – £10 – From stocking fillers to gifts, The Works have a well-stocked Winter Wonderland of wonderful gifts for all the family.  Both online and with stores on the high street, The Works has something for everyone and every pocket.  Stocking a massive range of toys, gifts, books books, toys, stationery and arts & crafts at discount prices.  Seeing continued growth, the brand serves over 22.5 million people each year…wow!

Why not “Make your Christmas gift personal with the Works” and using their fab tartan gift bags create your own themed gift selections.  I created for different options for you to enjoy.

The “Family and Friends Together” kit has a selection of Glitter loaded premium prosecco and glitter tree Christmas cards and the Downton Abbey – The Compendium of Parlour and Card Games.  A great game for after your celebration Christmas dinner.

It is all about the Snuggles and cuddles with the ‘Winter Comfort Kit’ which includes the Hot Water Bottle and Knitted Socks Set, Tartan Fleece and the brilliant Behave yourself elf.

The “Tea Lovers” kit is a fab bag of goodies which includes the Tea-Quila Time Mug, Volkswagen Beetle Multi-Coloured Coaster Set Of 4 and this lovely London themed traditional English tea set, that include teabags, but they are also money boxes too!

Now it may be cliché but why not try this “New Year, New You” kit which comprises of an Inspirational 2018 Calendar, Black 2018 Diary – Day A Page and a gorgeous Pencil Gift Set – 6 pack.  All you need to write your goals, aspirations and plans for 2018.  Give the Works this season.

Merry Christmas and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



34 thoughts on “Eleventh Day of Giftmas: The Works Christmas Gifts #Review

  1. This gifts are so beautiful.i love the mug with the teaquilla and the calendar. it will be a great gift to receive and to think that it doesn’t cost much is amazing..who should i be a secret Santa to?…lol.


  2. I would have never thought of doing my Christmas shopping at The Works! But their gift choices are adorable. I can’t look over that Downton Abbey card game, as a fan of the series. 🙂

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  3. I’ve always loved popping into my local the works store to grab little bits and pieces for gifts, especially stocking fillers! I bought some lovely wrapping paper there yetserday and it looks so much more expensive than the £2 that I paid!

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