Find Me A Gift Cheesy Christmas #Review

Find Me A Gift Cheesy Christmas Review: December 2017

The Find Me A Gift Brand founded by 3 friends in a bedroom has been through its fair shares of ups and downs.  Risks went wrong resulting in 2 of the founders exiting the business, but Adam the current managing director took the bold move to keep calm and carry on.  In 2003 he took a leap of faith decided to run the business full time, open an office and it paid off, as the business has seen continued growth with no signs of slowing down.

Offering innovative, inspirational and unique gifts, the Find Me A Gift brand, based in wonderful Warwickshire, have a huge selection of online gift choices all in one place, so no need to brave the cold, ice and battle the crowds, simply sit back in front of the fire with a cuppa in hand and make gift giving gorgeous and easy with just a few clicks of a button.

As a true cheese lover, no Christmas would be complete without a festive cheese overload.  The perfect pressies pulled up at blogging HQ which allowed me to indulge in all things cheesy.  The gorgeous Godminster Cheese Heart and Chutney party pack, in this pretty presentational gift box, is the perfect way to get the Festive party stared.

Give a gift from the heart, with the award winning organic cheese pack which includes the stunning heart-shaped Godminster organic cheddar, A 235g glass kilner jar featuring the scrummy great Taste Award-winning apple and beetroot chutney, a packet of awesome oat digestive biscuits and a packet of amazing award-winning Rosemary Water Crackers.

Now you have sorted the cheese, but what to serve it on…well the personalised slate heart shaped cheeseboard is cute, can be personalised and is all heart.

Combine the Cheese heart party pack and cheeseboard for a cheesy Christmassy cosy night in with a loved one or why not gather family and friends around the fire, open a bottle of wine and enjoy this cute combination.

Christmas cheese overload is standard in our home and sometimes we have a lot of cheesy leftovers.  Now, that is where the classic cheese toastie comes into play.  Ideal for a breakfast, a lunch served with salad or a night-time snack.  All you need is some reusable toaster bags and you guessed…a toaster.

Ready, steady go and warm things up with this cool red retro Volkswagen VW logo two slice, stainless steel toaster with a fabulous, fancy, funky v-shaped design that has the iconic VW campervan style written all over it.  Get into gear with the many multi-functional settings such as defrost, re-heat, browning & bagel function and a cancel button for when you need to put on the brakes.  Don’t get stuck in a traffic Jam and make sure you are on green and all go, go, go so you get yours in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


66 thoughts on “Find Me A Gift Cheesy Christmas #Review

  1. Oh this is fabulous! I haven’t heard of them before but am now thinking I’ll have to have a look and see what I can get for next year ( I’m so done with shopping !)
    These ideas are so personal and lovely ,you really can’t beat these types of gifts !

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  2. This is brilliant, I’ll definitely have to give them a look! My partner loves cheeses around Christmas and it’s always a little indulgence of ours, so I’m currently eyeing up that Godminster set…xo

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  3. I only discovered these guys this Christmas. They have soooo many fantastic gifts. What I like the most is that they almost do the thinking for you. They come up with the ideas. You could literally do all of your shopping on there. I got a cool retro letter board from them this year. Loving the look of the cheese too though! Might have to go back!

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  4. I NEED that personalised cheese board in my life, we love cheese in my house and I’m a bit obsessed with personalised pieces so this would fit in so well in my kitchen

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  5. I’ve only ever tried Cheddar Cheese ( I know!) So I really should invest in trying different types! I love the personalisation of the slate heart cheese board x

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  6. I’m literally still doing my holiday shopping, so crazy! Love services like these and just the ability to shop online in a crunch. I’d personally love that set for winter nights at home, just me and the hubby.

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