Craft & Crumb Celebration Carousel Cake #Review

Craft & Crumb Celebration Carousel Cake Review: December 2017

Company Founders and Friends, Kate and Louise both shared an important ethos that they at least attempt to make a home baked cake for their children’s birthdays.

With 5 children between them and the mix of motherhood and manic life’s this was no easy task.  Craft & Crumb was created to take away the stress and bring a burst of fun into home cake baking.

We have a December Birthday in the home, so even though the festive season is in full swing it is important to appreciate the brilliance of a birthday.  So, we welcomed a brilliant bake box delivered direct to the door of blogging HQ which included an all singing all dancing easy to read step by step instruction booklet with images on how to create this fabulous cake bake.

Included in the kit are organic cake mixes with just 3 ingredients, icing sugar, all things colourful and fun such as marshmallows, coloured rainbow sprinkles and sparkly cake toppers, a cake board, basically all you need to get your bake on…except a few core kitchen staples such as eggs and butter.  The throw away bake moulds are ideal for perfectly consistent sizing and save on the washing up too.

The results…a vibrant Colourful Celebration Carousel Cake.  Think all thinks sparkly and rainbows.  No need to take a trip to the fair for all things sweet, get this bake box delivered to your home for a smooth bake off and a super scrummy soft sponge cake for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Thank you for Reading 😊

Melanie xx


56 thoughts on “Craft & Crumb Celebration Carousel Cake #Review

  1. I love baking cakes, the husband literally wants one a week so I’d love to give Craft and Crumb a go! I love the easiness of the baking moulds aswell x

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  2. I’ve never thought about personalising a cake like that! This is such a fun idea! I want to try this with my little sister, it would be right up get alley.

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