Keep the Festive Fabulousness Flowing with Housing Units Boxing Day & January Sales #Review

Keep the Festive Fabulousness Flowing with Housing Units Boxing Day & January Sales: December 2017

Housing Units is one of Manchester’s biggest home department stores, founded in 1947 and has been delivering a range of quality home wares for over 70 years. Pop along to their store or indulge in some online shopping with the added convenience of goods being delivered to your front door.

There is Christmas Eve excitement in the air, but have you finished all your festive shopping?  Fear not as the festivities continue past Christmas, as Santa and his elf’s have been busy stocking the shelf’s and you still have time to bag yourself a bargain in the boxing day and January sales.

Watch the clock, as the countdown has started, it is nearly time to grab yourself a bargain or two or three…in the fabulous Housing Units sales.  This Cath Kidston Trailing Pink wonderful watch in a stunning rose gold case allows you to keep a stylish eye on the time.  Easy to dress up, dress down, a watch occasions.

Latte for work again oops, but don’t make the mistake of being late for shopping these super sales.  Make sure you have had your lovely latte coffee fix or in my case a yummy hot chocolatey fix so you are good to go, go, go!  This lovely printed ceramic mug & cute cable knit sock set is just the thing you need to stay warm, cosy and all snug.

It’s cold outside, crowds are building, and the sales ques are winding around every corner, but thanks to the Housing units brand shopping is super-duper easy. Pop on this funky red Russell Hobbs kettle with stainless steel detailing, that has an illuminated water window, a easy pour spout and a 360 degree base which allows easy use for both right and left handed people, kick back, relax get warm and cosy, all ready to gear up and hit those boxing day and January sales in style from the comfort of our own homes.

Ready, Steady, Sales…

Merry Christmas & Have a Happy New Year.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


71 thoughts on “Keep the Festive Fabulousness Flowing with Housing Units Boxing Day & January Sales #Review

  1. Sigh! I wish we had a Housing Units department store in our area! I am especially obsessed with the red Russell Hobbs kettle. It is funky indeed and I can taste that yummy hot tea just thinking about it!

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  2. The New Year’s Day sales in the US are awesome, too!! We have a department store that sells several higher end brands and all of their product goes on super sale on new year’s day. It’s awesome!

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  3. This is festive sales season. Plenty of those virtually covering each product. I prefer shopping during these days with good discounts. There are few fabulous products displayed in your post.

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  4. These choices are fab 👌✨ That red kettle could be a great addition to our kitchen top! Will browse more on their website to see what more could they offer 💕

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  5. Oh my it was indeed a lovley post i loved almost everything dispalyed above.. specially the mug and the socks they look so lovely
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post

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