Sweet Victory Sugar Free Hamper #Review

Sweet Victory Sugar Free Hamper Review: January 2018

Founded in 2016, Sweet Victory Products is an online family company that provides sugar free products without a premium price tag.  With their own family members who are diabetic or have autism, it is through their own personal experiences of struggling to find suitable sugar free products why Sweet Victory Products was born.  Hence the brand is close to their heart and customer focus and satisfaction is firmly at the top of their priorities.

Increasingly, we hear about the alleged effects of high sugar in our diets and the impact upon our health such as diabetes, obesity and teeth erosion to name a few, so what better time to make the switch to sugar free, but without the sacrifice, as Sweet Victory Products have searched high and low for a wide range of sugar free or no added sugar products, so you can enjoy all things sweet, but without the nasties and guilt.

Make your new year free from the dreaded sugar spikes and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Introduce yourself to a sweeter lifestyle with this sensational Sugar Free Hamper.  A sparkling pretty purple package arrived at blogging HQ packed with all things sweet, scrummy, but without the sugar guilt!

Included in the Sugar Free Hamper is a gorgeous golden box, that is a gift within a gift, filled with all things sweet, I opted for a gummy selection which included colourful strawberries, cherries, gummy bears, wine gums and cola bottles, but they also offer a selection of hard sweets too.  Also, included was a cute cube of chocolates with a colour coated shell.

More super sweet products included the super sensational Simpkins sugar and gluten free mixed fruits travel sweet tine, the sweet switch sugar-free fruit bonbons and the De Bron sugar-free fruit juice toffees.

Time for tea…yes please!  Tea time is still sweet and made easy with daytime delights such as the tasty Twinings Earl Grey 50 pack teabags, pure sweet 100% natural Erythritol sugar substitute, the brilliant B-San chocolate biscuits, that are super yummy, and I could not put down, the wonderful white chocolate bar and the Cavalier no added sugar made with stevia chocolate bar.

Everyday essentials include the Colac no added sugar tomato ketchup, the St Dalfour no added sugar strawberry Jam made with 100% fruit and the Diablo no added sugar hazelnut chocolate spread.

The hamper was amazing, and I did not feel that I was missing out in fact I preferred these products to comparable products packed with sugar.  Hop on over to their website and see what changes you can make to your daily diet, but without having to make a sweet sacrifice.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



28 thoughts on “Sweet Victory Sugar Free Hamper #Review

  1. What a fab idea. Do they use natural ingredients are are they replacing sugar with sweeteners? I’ve a friend who would have loved this for Christmas x

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