Hodmedods Big Vegan Box Review Veganuary 2018 #Review

Hodmedods Big Vegan Box Review Veganuary 2018: January 2018

The award winning Hodmedods brand base in East Anglia, founded by Nick, Josiah and William in 2012, was due to partaking in the successful Great British Beans trial project.  For the purposes of the trial, a tonne of British-grown split fava beans was bought, home packed and distributed throughout the community with a postcard included for feedback.

Working with British farmers to source less well-known ingredients such as the fava beans, which date back to the Iron Age, the brand have stayed true to their historical roots which even inspired and influenced their brand name.  Hodmedod is an East Anglian dialect word which according to an old Suffolk boy hodmedod means simply something curled up like beans, peas and hedgehogs do.  Hence, the choice of logo and core products all rolled up into one synonymous name – Hodmedods.

January marks the month of Veganuary which challenges people to go vegan for one month and aims to inspire and educate people, as to why going vegan helps animals, the environment, can improve health and how to cook up a range of nutritious and tasty recipes.  The Big Vegan Hamper is ideal for Veganuary, as it includes a range of beans, peas and quinoa, sent from the lovely Hodmedod’s team.

Included in brilliant big box was one of each of the following tasty cans; Vaal Dhal, Baked British Beans and Cooked Fava Beans in Water.  Also, four fabulous 300g snack packs including Roasted Fava Beans lightly sea salted, sea salt and cider vinegar and Roasted peas lightly sea salted and horseradish.  All easy to use when life gets a bit hectic.

Brilliant bake items, all in 500g packs, included the “Black Badger” Carlin Peas, the wonderful White Quinoa, grown by Peter Fairs in Essex with their unique Yellow Pea Flour which is also included.  Beans included are the scrummy Split Fava and Whole Fava.  Finally, the “Kabuki” Marrowfat peas.

With the mouth-watering mega box, I created some super simple quick lunchies or snack choices.  The Fava Beans were used to create the most amazing hummus which made a perfectly delightful crudité dip.  Some things are meant to be kept simple and the British bakes beans when from can to plate to create the classic comfort cuisine of good old beans on toast.  The sensational quinoa along with seasoning and some red peppers served up in gem lettuce dishes, makes a tasty presentation plate which is super-duper easy to make.

Have a Happy Veganuary 2018 and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



41 thoughts on “Hodmedods Big Vegan Box Review Veganuary 2018 #Review

  1. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Hodmedods. What a great idea. I’m getting really excited about seeing my soon-to-be sister in law, who is Vegan! Something like this would make it really easy to cater for her. I’m pretty sure every vegan has said no more stuffed mushrooms please at some point right?I think this would help me wow her 🙂

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  2. This looks amazing and I would definitely have been interested with a vegan hubby, if we still lived in the UK. Anything that makes it easier for me in the kitchen is a bonus! I’m not very imaginative either

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  3. wow I’m feeling healthier just looking at the photos. That’s a good selection of peas and beans. Beans are something I often buy in and then forget about….which I really shouldn’t. The boxes are a really great idea


  4. This looks like a fab box, and I love that it’s all UK grown. One of my bugbears about veganism is the claim that shipping beans, quinoa and other plant protein from the other side of the world is supposed to be ‘better’ for the environment than me eating that lamb that grew up in the field next to my house and so I’m glad to hear that the contents of this box are locally grown. 🙂

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  5. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers go vegan for January so Ill have to point out Hodmedods to them. I don’t think you can ever beat the classic of beans on toast! I really need to get more beans and pulses into my diet this year.

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  6. That is a lot of good stuff in that box! Good fortune to those trying to do Veganuary! I am trying to do NoCoffeeuary….which has worked at home but not so well on the road as someone treated me to a rare Starbucks run and my willpower melted away.

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  7. I’m not going vegan this January, although I have in previous years by way of a detox.
    I love beans and pulses and I’m a big fan of Dahl so this box has really piqued my interest!

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