Hoogly Tea and Lykke Happiness Book #Review

Hoogly Tea and Lykke Happiness Book Review: January 2018

Tina Gloggengieser, from Aarhus in Denmark, now living in Brighton, is a keen tea enthusiast and creator of the sensational Hoogly tea range.  Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig’.  ‘Hygge’ is all about the Danish way of life and having a feeling of well-being and warmth the whole year round.

All their teas are ethically sourced, fair traded, made and packed in the UK using a range of luxury, healthy and natural ingredients.  This sensational small wooden luxury box with 20 individual tea wraps and this amazing Hoogly branded canvas bag filled with 40 tea wraps in flavours such as; Rhubarb and Vanilla, Sparkling White, Chill Out Mint, English Breakfast, Classic Green, Cosy Chamomile, Earl Grey and Apple Strudel, is a way to gift New Year well-being to a loved one or a well-deserved treat and boost from you to you.

Now, you many have already heard about “Hygge” but what about “Lykke”.  Lykke pronounced Luu-kah is the noun for happiness.  With free higher education, trains that run on time and equal parental leave for men & women, it is not hard to see why Denmark has been voted one of the happiest nations.

The lovely Little Book of Lykke, wrote by Meik Wiking CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of the brilliant best seller The Little Book of Hygge, believes that the key principles to happiness can be sought all around the world.  This beautifully illustrated book both entertains and provides an informative read on how we can find Lykke within our lives.

Grab a cuppa, enjoy the lovely Lykke book and sip your way to happiness.

Have a Happy 2018 and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



16 thoughts on “Hoogly Tea and Lykke Happiness Book #Review

  1. I know everyone says this, but tea is literally all I drink. My best friend even got me proper English Breakfast tea bags for my birthday that I’ll only ever use for special occasions! So this post made me very, very happy! I’m sure my mum drinks Hoogly tea (I’ll find out for sure if she does!) so I may have to do a bit of tea-search (see what I did there? ;)) into the brand! Plus, who doesn’t love a good book?! Sounds like you’ve had a rad time reading and drinking delicious tea!

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