Escape the January Blues and Travel with Bizhop luxury Luggage

Escape the January Blues and Travel with Bizhop luxury Luggage Review: January 2018

British born brand Bizhop founded and invented by Iain Begg offers innovative luxury luggage for business or leisure.

Through personal experience, Iain and his team inspired by their own travel luggage experience’s have used this knowledge to redefine travel luggage with this ground-breaking travel gem and with it’s nifty hanger handle, let’s get the elephant out of the room, this is no ordinary suitcase!

Escape those January Blues and get on the road with Bizhop.  On the road, travelling from City to countryside, taking a flight from London to Tokyo…well don’t forget one important thing – Bizhop.

Made with the virtually indestructible Poly-carbonate shell, the case itself has a slick finish with the discreet Bizhop branded badge.  The TSA approved combination lock requires no additional pad lock or keys and cleverly works using the two zips as a locking system in conjunction with the pin combination.

Why do all the hard work when the case can do it for you!  This is travel made light and the case took the “lug” out of Luggage.  The wheels are top-quality hard-wearing Japanese Hinomoto double spinner wheels which gives an easy glide 4-wheel system enabling you to pull or simply glide the case along on four wheels – take your pick!

When travelling, I usually have a case, bag, laptop and a jacket, but with the brilliant Bizhop the one case was the complete package.  The internal storage design allows the case to be opened upright without the contents falling out.  There is a padded laptop pocket and the hanger handle which holds your jacket hassle free which frees up your hands to take that important business call or keep a tight hold on those travel documents.

Save time, stress and energy, get a handle on your travel luggage with Bizhop.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



34 thoughts on “Escape the January Blues and Travel with Bizhop luxury Luggage

  1. This looks like a handy suitcase to have. I love the compartments and the fact nothing falls out when you open it up. The hanger handle is nifty to have as well.

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