Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly Review

Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly Review: January 2018

The three musketeers, Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent and chef Allegra McEvedy, aka the founders of Leon Restaurants, have combined their wealth of knowledge and skills to take the world by storm with their fab fresh fast food philosophy and started their own foodie revolution.

In 2008 Allegra was awarded with an MBE for services to the hospitality industry.  He was described as “a caterer with a conscience” by the Independent, has over 20 years’ experience and has worked as a broadcaster appearing on Channel 4, The Good Food Channel, BBC and has published 6 cook books.

Henry’s expansive background includes being a commis chef with Michelin-starred chef Bruno Loubet, a gossip columnist for The Daily Telegraph, appears as a regular panellist on BBC R4’s Kitchen Cabinet, has written for the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Times and the Sun and worked at Bain & Company where he met John.

John did business trouble-shooting at Bain & Company, has created dance events with innocent drinks founder Richard Reed and has led the turnaround of various brands.  If it can be improved John is your man.  Leon was named after John’s Dad, inspired by his mum’s positivity and the “Sunshine that radiates from every LEON team member”

In 2013 Henry and John produced the School Food Plan, where school menus were given their biggest healthy overhaul in generations and due to their combined successes both Henry and John were awarded an MBE in 2015 for services to school food.

Henry, John and Allegra shared the same ethos “why can’t fast food be good food”.  Inspired by this 2004 saw the opening of their very first Leon restaurant in London’s Carnaby Street and has continued to see steady growth ever since with over 45 stores nationwide and plans to open more worldwide.  With cosy and comfy interiors, subdue lighting, family pictures Leon really is a home away from home, so kick back and enjoy their Mediterranean natural, flavoursome, fresh, fuss -free and fabulous cooking which can be seen throughout Leon’s food Menu.

Brilliant breakfast items included the lovely Ruby Red Porridge, which teamed up well with wholemeal toast and a fresh cup of mint tea.  The gorgeous Greek yogurt topped with blueberries, pomegranate and lashings of honey work well with the blueberry & elderflower kefir and a cheeky bar of Leon’s lovely choccy.

The brilliant breakfast box is with a sizzling sausage, bacon slice, 2 eggs, mushrooms, beans and avocado, add on some toast and wash it down with a fresh ginger tea.

The vegan box was bursting with colour and included their sensational sweet potato falafel, yummy pomegranate-studded hummus, a mix of peppers, cauliflower, salad and olives.  Packed in a sesame seed topped bun is the chargrilled butterflied chicken burger is served up with fresh tomato, rocket, pickles, and some of their scrummy olive oil herb mayonnaise. Served in a sesame seed topped bun.

All the staff on both my visits were brilliant, friendly and really cared about the customer experience!

Eat fresh, feel fab with Leon.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




36 thoughts on “Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly Review

  1. What a wonderful idea to make fast food more interesting, more tasty and healthier. I hadn’t heard of Leon before, but I do live a million miles away, so I’m sure I can be forgiven. I’d love to have somewhere like this close by, certainly something I would consider visiting.

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