Veganuary 2018 Top Picks by Forkward Thinking Foodinista #Review

Veganuary 2018 Top Picks by Forkward Thinking Foodinista

Veganism is a hot trend for 2018 and increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many.  So much so that the official “Veganuary” charity has been set up to inspire people to try vegan not just in January, but throughout the rest of the year too.

With more vegan product choices than ever before, a growing awareness and concern for Animal welfare, eating with a conscious is easy, enjoyable and exciting, as vegan foods need not be dull and lacklustre.  Excitingly, the following featured twelve brands offer a range of vegan friendly products that are convenient, healthy and vamp up your Vegan menus.

Clearspring have impressively achieved 18 food awards since 2010.  An ethical brand that supports sustainable organic farming which benefits local communities.  Pack out your cupboard with their range of Vegan Organic goodies including; rice cakes, crackers, rye crispbread, snack packs, brown rice flour, brown rice pasta, Pasta sauces, beans, protein powders, apple cider vinegar and omega oil.

The brilliant BFree foods brand have produced products, that are allergen free, meaning that there is no gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, egg or soy and they are suitable for vegans.  Low in fat and high in fibre means that they are nutritionally sound – amazing! Why not bring on the bread with their yummy mini pitta pockets, pizza bases, sliced bread and their chia seed wraps.

Gosh Free From are all about goodness, impressively, their products are naturally free from the UK’s 14 top listed allergens; cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, soya, nuts, peanuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupin, sulphur dioxide, crustaceans, fish & molluscs.  Their range includes the scrummy Sweetcorn & Quinoa Bites, Chickpea, Courgette & Moroccan spiced bakes, Beetroot, Kale & Quinoa burgers, Mushroom, Puy Lentil & Butter Bean burgers, Mixed seed, quinoa, carrot & coriander bakes, Butternut Tomato and Basil sausages and the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Sausages.

Violife based in Thessalonica in Greece have brought gorgeousness to Vegan plates with their range of cheese products minus the cheese that are free from lactose, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives, cholesterol and GMO.  Get cheesy Violife style with their extensive range of all Vegan products including; on with some fab Blu, Mediterranean style block, after dinner cranberry, creamy spread, original and mozzarella grated, prosociano wedge, mozzarella & cheddar and a range of their fab sandwich slices which come in original, smocked, mature and or course mouth-watering mozzarella.

The Eat Real healthy snack brand has three core product concepts; Taste, Nutrition and Real Ingredients.  No artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives these are seriously super snacks without the added naughty nasties.  Vegans can enjoy a wonderful range of snacks including; Hummus, Lentil or Quinoa chips.  Also, Quinoa and Kale Puffs and organic humous chips, lentil chips and veggie straws.  Ideal for snacking on the go or sofa snacking for a movie night in.

Alara’s brand ethos is dedicated to quality, sustainability and giving back to the community.  All their products are made in Zero Waste factory a stone throw away from Kings Cross, London.  Sourcing local ingredients and where possible supporting organic farmers in the UK. Why not try some of their Vegan organic branberry or delicious dreamy oats chocolate porridge or why not go all out with their lovely luxury muesli and porridge range.

Oatly operates from Sweden founded in the 1990s the brand is based on Swedish research from Lund University.  Oatly, have patented enzyme technology, which turns fibre rich oats into nutritionally rich liquid products.  Oatly’s core ethos is about both human well-being and protecting the planet’s resources.  Oatly products are not made from cow’s milk, but a quality substitute made from oats.  The brilliant barista edition oat drink really is worth a whirl and paired well with both tea and coffee, enhancing the flavour naturally, taking the taste factor up to the next level.

Wild Trail is on a mission to make snacks that give people the motivation and a boost to get outdoors and enjoy what the wilderness has to offer.  These brilliant bars produced in a factory in Wales where natures natural offerings are right there on their doorstep.  Just 5 simple ingredients are used to make these yummy bars that are gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar, high in fibre and are suitable for Vegans.  Ideal to grab and go, so get yours now.

Pulsin are an ethical organisation that are passionate about sustainability and use 100% renewable energy.  Furthermore, a core company goal being to “Contribute to a happy, healthy world filled with happy, healthy people” – Hands up in the air and Pump up the Pulsin Power!  Official sponsors of Veganuary, they have launched a super sensational starter vegan pack which includes their bars of brilliance, that are free from all of those naughty nasties, such as raw brownie’s, porridge oat’s and beyond organic fruit and nut bars along with some Pulsin Pea Protein powder and a booklet with exciting recipe ideas.

Vita Coco are a successful global brand with celebrity followings such as Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, and Rihanna! Respecting mother nature by resourcefully using every part of the coconut, that is used to make their products, and are an ethical brand that have committed to giving back to the communities that help to produce these Coconutty concoctions. Vita coco are taking the world by storm with their dairy free coconut milk alternative to dairy milk and it really ‘tastes like no udder’.

Hippeas Vegan board B_edited

Calling all you modern hippies, now is your chance to unite – power to the peas people – Peace.  The Hippeas brand have created these perfect puff pea snacks which are seriously good for you, organic, high in fibre, a source of protein, gluten free, vegan and no additives or preservatives.  Environmentally friendly, these peas do their share, as they naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow, Man that is cool stuff!  The Hippeas brand also show community spirit and spread the love with the ‘Peas, love and giving back’ scheme that supports the charity – Farm Africa, who work with farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them become self-sufficient, allowing them to grow their way out of poverty.

Hayley, founder of Urban Fruit, started out as a personal trainer and identified peoples struggle to avoid unhealthy snacking during a busy working day.  No refined sugars, concentrates or sulphates these super fruity snacks are Hayley’s healthy alternative to the caloric sugar fuelled snack market. Their range include yummy raspberry, strawberry, cherry, mango and pineapple fruits snacks, as well as the “your drive me nuts” plain and chilli flavoured coconut curls.

Thank you for reading and Happy Veganuary 2018 😊

Melanie xx



74 thoughts on “Veganuary 2018 Top Picks by Forkward Thinking Foodinista #Review

  1. I have wanted to try a vegatarian or vegan diet for a while! Maybe not permanently but to see if it is something I could do in the future! I have never known where to start, but I’ll definelty be buying some of these foods!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. a few of these products I’ve tried and enjoyed. I’m considering switching my milker, but it becomes a bit of a pickle when the kids drink full fat cows milk.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad I read this! I’ve just made the step to go dairy free, as I believe my son may be allergic to milk, so we’re currently excluding all milk and soya products. What a great range of products there is out there! I’m pleasantly surprised by the Oatly Barista – I didn’t have high expectations, but I actually really like it. I’m looking forward to trying a few more you’ve listed here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This blog is fantastic, with many of my friends choosing the vegetarian lifestyle and a handful of them being deployed this is going to very insightful as to what to stock in their care package.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my so many new treats to try out. I’m really glad that people are becoming more conscientious about our beautiful planet and what they eat. Happy Veganuary Melanie

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ah this is so informative and interesting, I have seen some of these brands so that gets me excited. I am especially excited about the ClearSpring range, it looks like they’ve got a lot of great products to try. Also the BeFree brand I am sure I have seen, I try to limit my gluten but love pizza so I will be looking for their pizza bases!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for saying so and glad to inspire and excite via my articles. The good news for you is that BFree are all Gluten free, so you are good to go with the pizza bases. All the other brands are fab too, but just check the details regarding gluten x


  7. With my sister’s diet, we’ve learned that many foods that are vegan are really good. My sister discovered BFree recently and really likes it. I don’t think we have some of these brands here, I’ll pass it along to my sister.

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  8. I love organic products so much. I love good and happy food! Because health is wealth! These look so delicious and nutritious!


  9. Though I am not very vegan person, yet I loved the way you tried to inform us about the good brands of vegan foods.. I think every one should opt more towards vegan food for the sake of protecting environment and our health…

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