Veganuary 2018 with Clearspring #Review

Veganuary 2018 with Clearspring: January 2018

Veganism is a hot trend for 2018 and increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many.  So much so that the official “Veganuary” charity has been set up to inspire people to try vegan not just in January, but throughout the rest of the year too.  With more vegan product choices than ever before, a growing awareness and concern for Animal welfare, eating with a conscious is easy, enjoyable and exciting, as vegan foods need not be dull and lacklustre.

Clearspring have impressively achieved 18 food awards since 2010.  An ethical brand that supports sustainable organic farming which benefits local communities.  Pack out your cupboard with their range of Vegan Organic goodies including; rice cakes, crackers, rye crispbread, snack packs, brown rice flour, brown rice pasta, Pasta sauces, beans, protein powders, apple cider vinegar and omega oil.

Clearspring’s Organic protein powders, apple cider vinegar and Omeg-s-day flax oil blend are all good to mix up in your smoothie and give your morning a much-needed boost.

Vamp up your lunch time hummus with the Clearspring super snacks, the organic roasted seeds and soya with goji berry made an ideal hummus topper and gave the dish super extra yumminess.

Fancy beans on toast, but want to ditch the bread, well opt for a light lunch with these beany rice cake snacks. A super way to have your beans on toast fix minus the bread.

Clearspring 2 course_editedTwo course Vegan dinner, but short on time?  Well show of this sweet starter; Vegan mozzarella, heritage tomato salad with lashings of the organic Clearspring sweet white Miso.  Clearspring’s Organic brown rice pasta and their organic Basilico Italian sauce with shavings of Vegan “Parmesan” makes for a Mouth-watering main.

Thank you for reading and Happy Veganuary 2018 😊

Melanie xx


18 thoughts on “Veganuary 2018 with Clearspring #Review

  1. Clearspring seem like a great company if you’re following a vegan diet and even if you’re not. I love the sound of the vegan mozzerella, I’m a massive cheese fan and this could be great to add into dishes as I have a few vegan friends x

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  2. I am actually checking out clearspring as we speak as I am incorporating more vegan food into my diet and I love that they are ethical as well! I am a vegetarian but I have a cruelty free lifestyle. I actually tried some amazing vegan cheese yesterday but I would love to try their vegan pasta and miso rice x


  3. I’m not able to go vegan yet, but I’m certainly being more mindful over how I eat and the animal products I’m consuming. Small steps and all that. Finding tasty and easy to use substitutes has been really helpful so some of these ingredients are now on my purchase list to try!


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