Veganuary 2018 with BFree Foods – Takeaway Vegan Style #Review

Veganuary 2018 with BFree Foods – Takeaway Vegan Style: January 2018

Veganism is a hot trend for 2018 and increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many.  So much so that the official “Veganuary” charity has been set up to inspire people to try vegan not just in January, but throughout the rest of the year too.  With more vegan product choices than ever before, a growing awareness and concern for Animal welfare, eating with a conscious is easy, enjoyable and exciting, as vegan foods need not be dull and lacklustre.

The brilliant BFree foods brand have produced products, that are allergen free, meaning that there is no gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, egg or soy and they are suitable for vegans.  Low in fat and high in fibre means that they are nutritionally sound – amazing! Why not bring on the bread with their yummy mini pitta pockets, pizza bases, sliced bread and their chia seed wraps.


The perfect pitta pockets alongside some Vegan kebabs and a pomegranate cheese dip made a lovely lunch treat.  The Chia seed wraps made a lush dessert.  Splash a generous dollop of vegan chocolate spread on the wrap and pack with your fav fruit such as raspberries and blueberries roll and there you go – yummy!

Fancy an Italian?  Well look no further create your own slice of Pizza perfection with these ready-made bases.  Make a night of it, invite around the peeps and impress them with your prefect pizza making skills.

Thank you for reading and Happy Veganuary 2018 😊

Melanie xx


38 thoughts on “Veganuary 2018 with BFree Foods – Takeaway Vegan Style #Review

  1. I would like to add a vegan day in my dining habits. I enjoy chef salads as much anyone but finding the right stuff to add to it so one isn’t hungry later is the biggest challenge.
    The pizza idea looks promising……

    of course the cheetah looked at me and shook his head…..

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  2. These look like great products to add to our must try list. We are trying to eat more healthily..more vegetables and trying to do more vegan dishes, so this is a good post to read and be inspired by.

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  3. Ooh! I love BFree – especially their delicious new pizza bases! 🙂 Becoming vegan was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it makes me so happy to see so many new vegan products being launched in the past few years! xx

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  4. I’ve seen so many people go vegan for January and I’m amazed at the range of foods available. The BFree range looks amazing, especially the chai seed wraps for a quick lunch

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  5. I have seen many products from Bfree in my local supermarket but I never thought of trying them out. I am not a vegan or vegetarian but I do know how beneficial and healthy it is to reduce the amount of gluten from the diet.

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  6. I love the fact that there are better choices for vegans these days when it comes to food. This brand is a must try. There are plenty of recipes that you can make with their products!

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  7. I’m definitely going to give these a try, I have a nut allergy and a lot of healthy alternative foods have nuts in them so I’m excited to find a healthy takeaway alternative

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