Veganuary 2018 Vegan Variety with Violife #Review

Veganuary 2018 Vegan Variety with Violife: January 2018

Veganism is a hot trend for 2018 and increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many.  So much so that the official “Veganuary” charity has been set up to inspire people to try vegan not just in January, but throughout the rest of the year too.  With more vegan product choices than ever before, a growing awareness and concern for Animal welfare, eating with a conscious is easy, enjoyable and exciting, as vegan foods need not be dull and lacklustre.

Violife based in Thessalonica in Greece have brought gorgeousness to Vegan plates with their range of cheese products minus the cheese that are free from lactose, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives, cholesterol and GMO.  Get cheesy Violife style with their extensive range of all Vegan products including the fab Blu, Mediterranean style block, and after dinner cranberry ideal for a creative Vegan cheeseboard.  Also, the creamy spread, original and mozzarella grated, prosociano wedge, mozzarella & cheddar and a range of their fab sandwich slices which come in original, smoked, mature and of course mouth-watering mozzarella.

 No need to order a takeaway when you can vamp up your Vegan stack burger with some of Violife’s original, smoked, mature or mozzarella slices or pimp up your pizza with some of their yummy original and mozzarella grated “cheese”.

Make a romantic Italian two course dinner using the Violife Mozzarella for a heritage tomato starter and lashings of “cheese” from the prosociano wedge to sprinkle over a tomato and basil penne pasta main.

In a rush, why not just add a few slices to a lovely butternut squash, avocado and green leave salad, use the Violife cream “cheese” with pomegranates as an accompaniment to vegan kebab pittas or if you have more time to spare use the cream “cheese” to make cheesy chocolate berry fruit delicious dessert wraps


Thank you for reading and Happy Veganuary 2018 😊

Melanie xx


48 thoughts on “Veganuary 2018 Vegan Variety with Violife #Review

  1. Oh wow those all look amazing. Although not a full vegan I’m working my way towards it – I love vegan foods and eating in vegan restaurants. I think things like this are going to make it more accessible for people to make choices about eating vegan more easily.

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  2. I’ve seen so many people going vegan and whilst it doesn’t appeal to me the food does look so tasty. I really love the sound of the cheesy chocolate berry wraps they sound interesting and fun to make.

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  3. We didn’t last the course of Veganuary but we will be incorporating vegan choices into our diet – particularly since some of the stuff I have been reading lately about animal welfare is horrendous. I hadn’t heard of Violife but will look out for them now.

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  4. OMG I didn’t realise there were this many options from Violife. I’ve only had the cheese slices and love them, so deffo wanna try the others x

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