Shoryu Ramen Piccadilly Gardens Manchester #Review

Shoryu Ramen Piccadilly Gardens Manchester Review: January 2018

Shoryu Ramen founded in 2012, from the team behind the Japan Centre brand, offers authentic Japanese ramen and excitingly has opened their first branch outside of London right in the heart of Piccadilly gardens Manchester.  Impressively the brand has been recommended in the 2014 – 2017 Michelin guides.

Head chef Kanji Furukawa along with owner Tak Tokumine were both natives of Hakata district in Fukuoka city on the southern island of Kyushu Japan.  Their hometown Hakata tonkotsu ramen recipe is now a firm fixture on the menu at Shoryu Ramen hence the term “It’s in our bones”.

Décor was delightful with subdue lantern lighting setting the scene, along with a mix of seating for groups, couples or intimate seating for one.  The place offers a relaxed atmosphere, with an open kitchen and also a warm welcome with the bang of a drum.  You will know exactly what I mean when you visit!

The brand welcomed us warmly with open arms and lovely Lisa seated us and guided us through the menu with her extensive knowledge.  Feeling the festive pinch, we opted for healthy offerings including the gorgeous grilled halloumi Shoryu buns which are handmade daily with all-natural ingredients, sticky tofu and vegetable tempura.

Real ramen which is authentic is exactly what the Shoryu Ramen brand is all about.  The delightful Duncan advised that the flour used to make the noodles is imported directly from Japan! Also, you can choose whether you would like your noodles, very hard, hard, medium or soft.

The wonderful white natural is a vegetarian miso base ramen made with their unique tonyu soy milk with a konbu & shiitake broth, kikurage mushrooms, atsuage fried tofu, bamboo shoots, spring onion and nori seaweed.  The mouth-watering white Miso based Wafu goosnargh Chicken ramen with mushrooms, spring onion, nori seaweed and ginger was also a hit.  All washed down with the most exquisite Jasmine flowering lily tea.

 Delicious desserts included the marvellous Matcha chocolate ice cream sundae with sakura cookie.  Also, the lovely light Sakura and Azuki Chiffon cake was sheer bliss.  Both ideal to pair with the lush Virgin Yuzu Mojito mixed up with mint, fresh strawberries, homemade yuzu syrup and apple juice over crushed ice.

Shoryu means ‘to bring good fortune’ eat your way to prosperity and a healthier you for 2018.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


27 thoughts on “Shoryu Ramen Piccadilly Gardens Manchester #Review

  1. I walked past here last time I was in Manchester and was tempted to go in, but was unsure how well they catered for vegetarians. But sounds lovely. Will have to pop in next time i’m up there

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  2. The spoon used just like the one used in Japan, how do you find drinking from the wooden spoon that is so big or do you drink from the bowl itself, just like how Japanese is doing back home in Japan? I like and would wanted to try one of the item in your blog, a bread/bun inside the bamboo box!

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