Bøck Café Manchester Sunday Roast Fondue Review

Bøck Café Manchester Sunday Roast Fondue Review: January 2018

Bock is Belgium brilliance bang in the heart of Manchester city centre.  A European Café which offers one of the North’s largest selection of Belgian and Begian inspired biere.  This hidden little gem just located off cross street is a firm fav haunt of mine.

The eclectic décor includes unique, quirky signage, beer barrels, mirrors, clocks and subdue lighting that sets the scene, with an intimate feel and gives that European vibe.

Rustic seating includes a mixture of brown leather, wood chairs, marble tables, bunker booths for a catch up with friends and family and cosy hideaways for a chilled or romantic feel.  The place was super friendly and Max and Abbie did a fab job taking care of us all evening and had a genuine interest to engage and connect with their customers which was nice to see.

Combine Britain with Belgium and what have you got a Sunday roast fondue concept – sheer genius!  The lowlands inspired menu which includes the Sunday Roast fondue is Europe on a plate.

Every Sunday you can partake in this sensational Sunday delicious dipping delight which includes 8 hour cooked beef brisket, Yorkshire pudding waffles, classic roast vegetables served with a pot of the finest biere bourguignon lava gravy.   The Vegetarian option available was just as delicious.  All washed down with a range of Belgium biere and I loved that they also offered a high quality non-alcoholic biere.

Save the airfare and enjoy some European inspired Café culture in Manchester city centre. Make your Sunday Sessions, Dine, Dip and Dunk!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



39 thoughts on “Bøck Café Manchester Sunday Roast Fondue Review

  1. I love the decor of this place, it does make me think I am in a cellar, somewhere in Belgium. The twist on their Sunday Roast can only be delicious! The 8 hours cooked beef brisket sounds delicious with that beer gray on top.

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  2. Sounds like a great place to grab some good food and enjoy the ambiance. The place is very nice, I love the interiors! I appreciate the fact that they have vegetarian options as well. So nice.


  3. That is the most amazing combination ever! Yorkshire pudding waffles sound to die for! I’ve recently been to a place that does yorkshire pudding wraps, which were incredible! If I am ever in Manchester I would book here!

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