Breakout Manchester High Street Most Wanted #Review

Breakout Manchester High Street Most Wanted: January 2018

Located in the cool, quirky, eclectic northern quarter hub is the brilliant Breakout Manchester.  Prepare to motivate your mind to find clues and solve a serious of puzzles, to unlock padlocks.  Do you accept the challenge, can you Breakout, can you escape?

Howdy partners, us cowboys rode up to the wild west aka Manchester Breakout for a show down like no other.  We entered the Saloon bar, not to wet our whistle or hoe down to the sound of the piano keys, but in search of the loot – Yee-ha!  However, we got to get a skedaddle on, things just got wild, as there is a new sheriff in town who recognised my partner and I from our wanted posters.

A shoot out signalled that the 60-minute countdown had begun in this duel room game with twists and turns around every corner.  Milly our third partner in crime and our brilliant Breakout game master guided us bounty hunters through the wild west to try and aid our escape, so she too could take her cut of the riches.

Take a gamble and collect as many poker chips, as possible for a chance to gain a place on the coveted “Most Wanted” leader board, but be warned this is a secondary task, so don’t let this distract you from getting that darn loot and escaping.

Our horses were watered and waiting, ready to giddy up and ride off into the sunset, but alas the jig was up and our game had been sussed, so ya’ll better go before the Sheriff throws you in this cell with us, as Breakout Manchester’s Most Wanted!

Ride on up to play Breakout Manchester’s Most Wanted game to see if you can conquer the Wild West, take home the loot and gain a prized place on the coveted “Most Wanted” leader board.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


36 thoughts on “Breakout Manchester High Street Most Wanted #Review

  1. My family all live in Manchester and we’re always looking for something new to try out and do together. This sounds like good fun and I will definitely be suggesting it to my family next time I’m up there! The northern quarter is one of my favourite places x

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    1. Ooo…This sounds like it would be right up your street. Breakout have two locations in Manchester city centre – NQ is one of them – I love the NQ too! Have fun with your family and I hope that you break out – let me know how you get on x


    1. It was ace and the theme was just a classic – so much fun. All escape rooms are different, but at Breakout you solve a variety of tasks – more mental and unlock padlocks to try and break free – you must give them s go – so much fun – I love them x


  2. Oh that looks so fun! I’ve done the Escape rooms in hull, bristol and bath but not Manchester – I love them! Tbe manchester one sounds CLASS!

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