Happy Valentine’s day with Nut Free Chocolate People

Happy Valentine’s day with Nut Free Chocolate People

It is Fabulous February and love is in the air with the lovely nut free chocolate people and their marvellous mouth-watering delicious goodies.

 No nuts? Well, there is no need to miss out on chocolatey treats this Valentines day, if you have an allergy, as the Nut Free chocolate people brand are spreading the love with their nice nut free chocolate range**

Show your loved ones some heart and gift them your heart with this brilliant box of individually foil wrapped heart chocolates presented in this fabulously pretty red velvet effect box**  

OR why not try these perfectly presented tasty tablet chocolates embossed with cute heart detailing.  Ideal to gift or why not use to jazz up your chocolate desserts.

Happy Valentines day and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



**Please Note: The boxes are manufactured in a nut free environment but the supplier is unable to provide written nut free assurances.  They have provided verbal assurances*


40 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s day with Nut Free Chocolate People

  1. I love chocolates from the nut free chocolate people, I don’t have allergies myself but the chocolates taste really nice and luxurious and it’s lovely to have them at home when people with allergies come to visit. It makes them feel like you have really thought about them. It’s the little things that make the difference.

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  2. What a great idea for a business. Nut allergies can be really serious, so I bet it’s nice to be able to go on a website and know that you can eat everything.

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