Eat New York Bagel Shop Manchester Northern Quarter #Review

Eat New York Bagel Shop Manchester Northern Quarter Review: February 2018

The Eat New York brand is based around the street food scene and with over 10 years’ experience, these guys have a lot to bring to the table.

The Bagel shop is a slice of the big apple minus the airfare and brings the New York vibe right in the heart of Manchester’s eclectic Northern Quarter.  With arty boards, tiling, neon lighting which gives the overall place an industrial identity.

#Mouthwatering mains included the vegetarian lovely Little Italy Bagel Breaded mozzarella, with Cal’s tomato sauce, red onion, fresh tomato, rocket, fresh pesto, garlic butter and lashings of gorgonzola mayo.

Grab yourself a slice of sandwich heaven and Rock up the Reuben, a hot stacked pastrami with swiss cheese, sauerkraut loaded with Russian dressing.  The American brisket is used as the cattle are fed, so to retain its flavour and signature meat marbling.  Then the meat is cured for two weeks, spiced up and smocked for 15 hours in good Old Buddy.

Sensational sides included, skin on French fries, angel fries with tasty truffle oil, parmesan and parsley, the house salad with cucumber, mixed green leaf, red onion, Sun blushed tomato, croutons, sesame seeds, olives, balsamic dressing and fresh oregano.

Crank up the notch and bring on the sweet treats including the Cherry hot pie sundae and the fried tempura apple pie.  All washed down with non-alcoholic Root Beer vanilla and cola with sarsaparilla cordial with a float and a perfect peachy ice tea made fresh daily onsite.

Danny had bags of personality and his passion really shone through and made our visit extra fab.  Grab yourself a slice of Manchester’s New York and start spreading the news…

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



40 thoughts on “Eat New York Bagel Shop Manchester Northern Quarter #Review

  1. The bagels look delicious and huge! I’d love to try Rock up the Reuben, as you don’t find very often sauerkraut in menus. I think it goes so well with the pastrami and the swiss cheese.

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  2. I love the idea of a bagel shop, because you can’t beat a tasty bagel and good coffee. We have a small local cafe which offers this and it is one of my favourite places to go.

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  3. okay. I’ve been missing New York lately, but I think this might have just put me over the edge. Gotta get a ticket =). I am eyeing the sundae … the bagel… and the fries, hardly able to contain my appetite =). Thanks for sharing! This was fun to read! ❤ xo Evelyn,

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