Make your Routine smooth with Rootine Blends smoothies #Review

Make your Routine smooth with Rootine Blends smoothies: February 2018

Fabulous frozen fruit ready to blend pouches delivered direct to your door – yes please!

Rootine blends have created a range of innovative and exciting smoothie combinations to please your palate, purse and your body.  Along with a superfoods powder blend, that has baobab, maca, hemp protein and cacao, for that extra boost.

Esther, founder of Rootine Blends has a lifestyle just like me – busy and hectic and found prepping fruit time consuming, so Esther decided to create these super smoothie pouches in a range of innovative and super yummy flavours.

Frozen is the new fresh with fruits being frozen at the farm within hours locking all that healthy goodness in, preventing any deterioration and saves on waste.  You can keep the smoothie pouches in your freezer for up to 12 months.

Easy, convenient and in five fabulous flavours, these smoothies are just the thing to kick start your day the right way.  Bag a smoothie pouch, bang in some superfoods blend, blitz and a brilliant smoothie will be all yours.

Donating 5% of their profits to food redistribution charities, Rootine blends is about all round goodness.

Rock up your routine with Rootine blends and get blitzing your way to a smoother and healthier lifestyle

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


44 thoughts on “Make your Routine smooth with Rootine Blends smoothies #Review

  1. I would like to try these smoothies out. I am not a smoothie breakfast person, but I could have them as lunch, when I usually just have a cup of soup. They sound very healthy.

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  2. We love smoothies, and they are a great help when my daughter is feeling too ill to want to eat as I can get nourishment into her throught these x

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  3. Oh now this sounds really interesting I like the idea that they are just easy to have around the home and grab out. Do you need to wait for it to defrost though or can you pop it in the microwave? I’m one of those people who if I fancy something I want it now.

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  4. I love the fact the company donates to food distribution centres, that’s such a lovely cause. I really love how quick and easy they are to blend.

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