Carluccio’s St Helens Square York Lunch #Review

Carluccio’s St Helens Square York Lunch Review: March 2018

Escape the hustle & bustle and lavish in some lovely lunchies Italian style at Carluccio’s which was once home to the iconic Terrys chocolate shop.

Interiors mix traditional and contemporary styles, with lovely romantic seating with views across St Helens square, to people watch, soak up the ambience and atmosphere. Combined with the fabulous food offerings, you can grab your own slice of the dolce vita lifestyle.

Our fabulous foodie feast, came in three courses, with a range of amazing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinkies to wash it all down.

Super starters included the Insalata Caprese dish with brilliant buffalo mozzarella, sliced beef tomatoes, basil, lashings of extra virgin olive oil and black olives.  Off the specials opting for the beetroot and ricotta tortellini served in a creamy goat’s cheese sauce, topped with crushed walnuts.  Washed down with the refreshing non-alcoholic Crodino – light, but with a bite, ideal served with ice and a slice.

Marvellous mains included the all new Tortelloni di Zucca filled with butternut squash and a hint of cheese. Served in a sage and butter sauce.  Also, the bold beetroot salad with butternut squash, goat’s cheese, mixed leaves, crushed walnuts and pesto, served with balsamic dressing.

Desserts to finish, yes please, and what a finale! The amazing chocolate Italian dessert board was packed with tasty treats such as slices of chocolate and hazelnut tarocco, gianduiotti, cacao biscotti, truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Perfect pairing to the peachy iced tea, a citrus cooler, with peach tea, grapefruit and lemon.

Enjoy some Italian action, for ultimate satisfaction, at Carluccios St Helens Square York.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


56 thoughts on “Carluccio’s St Helens Square York Lunch #Review

  1. I love Itallian food, so every single dish you have showcased here looks so amazing!! Especially the dessert. Sounds like it was a great place to head to for a good meal.

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  2. This place is now on my travel bucket list – I’m planning a trip next summer and can’t wait to try everything at this quaint place. I think I might have to try ALL of the desserts to make sure I sample everything. Thanks for your fantastic review!

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