Can You Escape? Operation Hero Mission: York #Review

Can You Escape? Operation Hero Mission: York Review: March 2018

An exciting, electric and engaging experience in the centre of York, escape room brand “Can You Escape?” provide you the opportunity to become a super hero legend in their new game Operation Hero.

The Force Four superheroes, Torus, Oculo, Hermes and Badger, have been stripped of their superpowers and it is up to you to stop the evil baddy Mobius taking over York city centre.

Our game master James the Flush prepared us for battle to use our skill, strength of mind and inner super hero powers to complete our mission, save force four and grab our slice of victory.

Team name decided; Fire Foxes, and my personal superhero name chosen; Forkward Fire Flame, it was time to don the superhero cape and mask and prepare for a battle like no other.  Without giving too much away, this high tech filled room had gadgets and games galore to get your heart and mind pumping.

A truly unique, exhilarating and immersive “must do” experience right in the heart of York City. Are you a Superhero and Can You Escape?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


62 thoughts on “Can You Escape? Operation Hero Mission: York #Review

  1. It looks super fun! I hope we have something like this in my country or better yet, I should visit it soon. The achievement of solving it must be really cool.

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    1. You must try them out – The York Superhero one for me was deffo not claustrophobic. However, each person is different, but if you call them up I am sure that they would be able to offer you advice on this. Well worth doing and such an amazing experience xxxx


  2. Oh wow! This would be SO much fun! I actually have never heard of this before but I would love an escape! I guess I live under a rock. hehe. Loved the pictures!

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  3. I’ve heard of escape games like this, but have yet to try one out. They look like a ton of fun, especially when it involves superheroes. I have to say that I have a special place in my heart for them. When my son was little I made him capes for all of his favorites. The Green Hornet, Captain America, The Hulk, Spiderman. I was always partial to Wonder Woman, but as he reminded me, she didn’t wear a cape. I just told him she didn’t wear a cape that he knew of! xx

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  4. These seem to be the new thing! I do really fancy a go at one of these its nice to do something different other than go for a drink or for a meal. I will have to see if there are any near us x

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