Fairfield’s Crisps #Review

Fairfield’s Farm Crisps Review: April 2018

The Fairfield’s Family farm have been harvesting potatoes, in the stunning Colne Valley in Essex, for three generations.  The Crisps are hand cooked on the farm to produce top notch crisps with crunch.

As if that was not enough, from early 2017 Fairfield’s farm energy is all generated using sustainable technologies including solar power and anaerobic digestion which is great news for the environment!

    It was exciting stuff, that the fabulous Fairfield’s Farm brand, winged over a couple of boxes of crisps to blogging HQ.  Don’t miss the big unzip…it was my time to get crunching.  Tear the bag, take out the dip, wack into the microwave, heat and boom you are good to go.

Get comfortable and cosy, grab a bag of your fav Fairfields Heat and Eat, that come in two flavours sea salt with a tomato salsa dip or cheese &chive with a caramelised onion dip, and prepare to crunch, dip and dunk your way through movie night.

Planning a summer day out…take the Fairfields snack pack crisps back to the field, stock up the picnic hamper and get your summer crunch on.  Their range of flavours including Sweet chilli, Cheese & Chive, Aspall cyder vinegar and lightly sea salted will compliment and make for a scrummy summer sandwich combo.

Get your crunch on with fabulous Fairfield’s Farm.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



52 thoughts on “Fairfield’s Crisps #Review

  1. Heat and eat my mind is literally blown. I had not heard of this company but they are on the list as we don’t buy any food from any of the big 10 so independents are always being hunted out

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  2. Crisps are my absolute weakness haha. I really shouldn’t love them as much as I do. I have never heard of this brand, but I would love to try them.

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  3. these look really yummy, what a great concept, so unique. I’m in Australia, they don’t have them here! so I cant try them! but my partner is going to the uk in a couple of months, ill have to get him to bring me some back 🙂 I really want to try them!

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