Manchester Junk Yard Golf Club #Review

Manchester Junk Yard Golf Club Review: April 2018

Rumours are flying around, that Crazy golf just got epic, and I can confirm it’s all true! Get your game face ready, as things are in full swing down at the super cool Junk Yard Golf site slap bang on first street Manchester.

Before play, fuel up like we did, and enjoy a beer or a mocktail decked to the rafters with sweet treats and an umbrella to boot.  Jump into the golf buggy, gear up to the golf range, ready for some Grand Slam play…well not quite, but a game on the 9 hole Bozo and Gary courses for sure.

Rock up like a pro, with your very own cool Junk Yard golf visor caps, this was guy Vs girl so we went with Blue & red, and turned things on their head; blue for the girl and red for the guy.

Junk Yard Golf B

Welcomed on course Gary, golf club in hand ready to swing into action and get on it like a car bonnet.  Yes, there is a slide, and yes you can actually slide down it too!  Party people, this is the place to be with UV Lights, loud music and flashing lights, while you get funky on the golf course and strut your stuff.

Shell off those inhibitions, scrap those doubts and let’s make this a hitter.  Drive into the garage, confident that your game is on form, swaying that shot and steer that ball into the hole.

The Bang on Bozo course, goes carnival crazy, and takes you to the dark side.  Your game above or below par…well for me it was time to get dodgy, shut this game off and shatter my opponent’s dreams, bring on my waggle, as the winner takes it all.

No clowning around and don’t let this course be the death of you, hook that ball and aim for the glory moment – a hole in one. This was such a super informal activity which was interactive, immersive, and so much fun.  All the staff were awesome, in particular Georgina, who was a super star.  Would I go again, well that is a fore-gone conclusion!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


61 thoughts on “Manchester Junk Yard Golf Club #Review

  1. Now that looks like good fun! Gone are the twee greens and dodgy plastic stones which stop you reaching the hole. It looks like a lot of fund I just wish there was one nearer to us as we would definitely give it a go x

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  2. That looks like amazing fun. I’m going with a group of friends in a couple of weeks to the Oxford Junkyard Golf, I’ve never been before so now I now what to expect. It will be interesting to see if they are the same as now I have high hopes 🙂

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