York Theatre Royal and Colonnade Café #Review

York Theatre Royal and Colonnade Café Review: May 2018

Taking a lead role in the theatre scene, for over 270 years, York Theatre Royal reopened in 2016 after a six million development.  Creating a state of the art 21st century theatre.

The bespoke décor, that combines traditional with the contemporary, while remaining sympathetic to the buildings original features, has created a warm, welcoming hub with an airy feel.

The Colonnade café was ideal for a pre-theatre bite to eat offering simple, honest and yummy homely food.  We chowed down on sandwiches, a lovely halloumi salad with a good handful of chips.

‘Did the Minster please you my lady?’…Even the tables had a sparkle and sprinkle of theatre on them with these charming little quotes.  Just as charming were the staff on duty, Adam and Simone, did a fabulous job of looking after us all evening.

For delicious deserts, we opted to go all out chocolate in light of York’s chocolate heritage, which included slices of the most divine dark chocolate & raspberry brownie, and the scrummy chocolate orange slice.

Our evening of attendance was when York theatre Royal Youth Theatre, one of the largest theatre groups in the country, presented Legacy.  Legacy, a production by Paul Birch, directed by Kate Veysey ‘We will change what we do.  We will change who we are.  We will change…Everyone’.

The Legacy production, with its mix of dialogue, along with the injection of upbeat music spurts, and strobe lighting, worked in harmony to create an exciting, engaging and entertaining production for both young and older audiences.

The organisation Legacy promise an elite service to erase your digital DNA profile and create a new “perfect” you all for a cost of course, but is the cost just a financial one?

The production seeks to explore this through looking at relationships, the impact of modern technology, media privacy issues, elitist inequalities and societal judgements.

For myself there was a synonymous connection, with the ‘blogger’ who featured throughout the production.  When termed by some as a blogger in a derogatory fashion, she continued to justify herself and term herself as an ‘independent journalist’.  Being both, I can see both sides of the spectrum.

What is Legacy, an organisation, media or both, when the lines become blurred, do morals too? With memory modifications, unethical sabotage, and sinister company misdealing’s, in the end you pay the ultimate price, legacy is your life.  Live your life, your way, and create your own legacy.

Such an enjoyable evening of theatrical talent which provided interesting content for later after dinner conversations.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



76 thoughts on “York Theatre Royal and Colonnade Café #Review

  1. I love the fact that the theatre has a cafe with such lovely food! My local theatre has several bars and a place that sells peanuts and M&Ms – and that’s it! I’d love somewhere to get a bite to eat as well.

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  2. Looks like a great place to visit, I’m a theatre buff and love going to London etc for shows but maybe I should look more local like York

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  3. There definitely is a lot of food for thought in the way bloggers are thought of and described. This sounds such an interesting evening. The theatre looks so clean and light with fresh food. Such a change from the dark dingy theatres that I used to visit.

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  4. I’ve never actually been to York, but I have heard it’s full of some amazing buildings and great architecture. This place looks lovely, that hallumi salad looks perfect!


  5. Firstly what a gorgeous building! We love going to the Theatre, especially with the kids (as well as date nights) and this venus is just stunning, also the pre-theatre food looks fantastic! If we are even in York going to make sure to visit this

    Laura x

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