Smooth your way into Summer with Nutri Ninja #Review

Smooth your way into Summer with Nutri Ninja Review: June 2018

Shark Ninja, the brilliant brand behind the Nutri Ninja product, have an energetic and enthusiastic team dedicated to making your lives better, with a marvellous machine that is a seriously smart bit of kit.

Power up your kitchen, for a perfect performance, with the two in one, Ninja ultimate chopper, blender and mini food processor with Auto iQ 1200W and with a massive 10 one touch intelligence programmes.

Dive into the fully loaded box to find the strong, sturdy 1200w motor base, a 900ml and 650ml Tritan Nutri Ninja cup, 2 spout lids, a pro extractor blade, a nutri bowl with lid, dough blade and precision prep blade assembly and an innovative and inspirational recipe booklet.

Smooth your way into a super sizzling summer the easy way with Nutri Ninja.  Blitz and blend, all with one touch of a button and use the sophisticated blend, pulse and pause patterns for perfect precision control.

Why not create a beautiful berry blitz, bang in the berries along with water or milk, ice, protein powder and honey, to ensure your smoothie has maximum berryliciousness or go for green goodness and gorgeousness with this homemade kale and mango smoothie.

Create a sizzling summer menu, using the compact food processor, that blends, chops and mixes.  Ideal for delicious dough to make fresh pizzas, homemade burgers to throw on the bbq along with a good healthy salad all chopped by the brilliant blades.  No fuss, just fast fabulous faff free foodie freshness.

Feel the heat, power up your kitchen this summer and become part of the Nutri Ninja revolution!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


114 thoughts on “Smooth your way into Summer with Nutri Ninja #Review

  1. This Ninja Blender looks so good. I really need to use it for my salads and smoothies. It will enable you to do fresh and healthy food.

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  2. This looks like such a useful product, I’d just love to buy one of these! The smoothies you’ve posted look absolutely delicious

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