Breakout Room Liverpool The Heist #Review

Breakout Room Liverpool The Heist Review: July 2018

Location Liverpool, on Sir Thomas Street, lies a challenge like no other.  Choose your team and prepare your squad to take on Breakout rooms exciting escape room challenge – The Heist.

My marvellously daring team of expert elite bank robbers docked into Liverpool for a Heist of a lifetime.  Lovely Joe, our games Master guided us deep down into the legendary vault of, Locke and Quay Treasury, that is rumoured to hold the private depository of one of their famously rich and wealthy clients.

After gaining entry to raid the Vault…no drill required, the 60-minute, automatic fail-safe security system kicked in and our only hope of escape was to find clues, solve puzzles before the back up security system sealed our fate forever.

Disguise your identity, but use your cunning mind and a focused team strategy, to gain an employee identification card, override the security systems, find the treasure and make your escape.

Make sure you have a getaway vehicle planned, we made our escape on foot and then a ferry across the Mersey.  We escaped, but can you escape the Heist…get down to lovely Liverpool to find out?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



90 thoughts on “Breakout Room Liverpool The Heist #Review

  1. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I don’t think I can actually try escape rooms myself lol, I’m the most stressed person ever… Thank you for sharing, I will recommend it to my friends 🙂

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    1. You may surpise yourself, as you are not literally locked in and are free to leave at anytime. Have a chat with them direct and im sure they will be able to provide advice. Yes, your friends will deffo thank you for the tip x


  2. Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular which I think is amazing and definitely a lot of fun for families and friends who would like to try and work together to solve the mystery. This one sounds like a lot of fun!

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  3. This sounds like such a good date idea!! I aren’t a fan of things like quasar (if you’re familiar) but this appeals more..
    Stelle Xx


  4. I’ve not tried a break out room yet but I am seriously tempted by it. They sound like such fun although I guess you need to be careful who you take with you?! Will have to see if there are any closer to us to give a go x

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    1. I can see why and they are well worth a go. good quality rooms and a lot of fun. Haha…I see your point. Next time you are in Liverpool, as not to far from us, give them a whirl. They are also near us too in Manchester 🙂 x


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