Coronation Street The Tour #Review

Coronation Street The Tour Review: July 2018

Manchester’s media city is the place to make your on street debut on Weatherfields famous Coronation street.

Wonderful Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford, is the setting for the ITV Coronation Street Soap.

Be streetwise with your foot wear choices, and prepare for a few bumps along the way, on the streets iconic corrie cobbles.  Amazing Allan, our lovely tour guide, gave nothing but a smooth performance.

The first glimpse you see the brilliant Bistro, Dev and Sunita Alahan’s convenience store and located at no 10 the Kabin News Agents.

Turn the corner, take a breath, and there you have it Coronation Street in all its glory.  Jack and Vera Duckworth’s, stone clad terraced, as iconic as the Coronation Cobbles.

Park up at the plats for a cuppa before you head on into Underworld for your shift in the knicker factory, but make sure that you don’t air your dirty linen in public!

Got a puncture, call into Webster’s Autocentre and Kevin will sort you out.  While you wait, grab a copy of the Weatherfield Gazzette, to catch up on all the weathy gossip.

Take a moment Imagine the buzz on filming day, as the characters prepare for another day in Wetherfield, rolling into the Rovers Return for a glass or two of their fav tipple.

Ooo go on then duck, I’ll have a bag of chippy chips with lashings of salt and vinegar, from For Your Fries Only.  Head under the arch, turn right, to get the back street take on the street, down the graffitied back alley.

Weatherfield bus late again, no worries, why not stop at Steve’s Street Cars for a ride into town.

For a traditional Manchester Café, try out the Pie and Peas, at Roys Rolls proper comfort food!

The street sets the scene for sensational story lines and twisted plots, including heartbreak, deceit and murder.

Recreating, a dark side of the street…The terrifying Tina McIntyre monumental moment, where she plunged to her death, in the Coronation cliff-hanger story line.

Welcome, Victoria Street new additions including Speed Dial, the snooker hall and even a tattoo parlour to encompass the evolving modern Manchester lifestyle.

Weatherfield train line delays, no worries chill and chat in Costa, over cup of coffee and see who is having a heart to heart in the community gardens.

Humming the Corrie Orrie theme tune, in my head, as I left the street to end what was a fabulous classic Coronation Street tour.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


105 thoughts on “Coronation Street The Tour #Review

  1. I didn’t know you could have a tour of the set! This looks really fun. I visited the street where they film Neighbours once when I was on hols in Australia, that was pretty exciting!

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  2. What a fabulous post to discover as I did not know that they record Coronation Street at the studio here. Media City is not that far from us, so totally considering heading there with the family this weekend x

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  3. I’ve never heard of this tv show, but it’s so neat that you can visit the sets of your favorite shows. That’s how I felt when I would go to Wizarding World in Orlando because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.

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  4. I’ve never really watched Coronation Street, although I know one of the actors who has a recurring role on the show. But I do love sets. There’s something almost dollhouse like about the fact they look real, but they aren’t! Very cool.

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  5. I didn’t realise they did a tour but it looks fascinating. It must feel quite strange to be wandering around the set as it must feel quite familiar even when you haven’t actually been there before but just seen it on TV.

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  6. This looks like such a fun tour. I have not heard of this TV show before, but I love behind the scene type tours. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

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  7. The tour is a great day out for any fans of Corrie. I love that you can visit the sets of your favourite shows, even if you’re not a big fan they’re always interesting.

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  8. I didn’t realise you could do a tour of the set. I don’t watch the show myself but my Nan would absolutely love to have a nose around. Looks like you had a great time

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  9. I remember going on the tour when I was in my teens (so about … 18 years ago) and I absolutely loved it. I was a big Corrie fan back then, but I’ve not watched it in years. I remember having a massive crush on Steve McDonald for years. Why?! LOL

    Louise x

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  10. Wow – this sounds like such a fun tour for fans of the show. Never heard of the show (not sure we could even watch it here in the US), but it was fun to see all the pictures of this UK town. The “stone clad terraced” house in the middle makes me think of the Dursley’s house in Harry Potter – my girls are reading the books this summer and thus also watching the films, over and over and over…

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  11. What?!! This is amazing! My mum would absolutely love this, she’s a massive Corrie fan. Sounds like a really great tour and so amazing that you get to see so much of the set xx

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