East Lancashire Railway: Lancastrian Lunch #Review

East Lancashire Railway: Lancastrian Lunch Review: September 2018

East Lancashire Railway has a rich historic industrial past, with story’s telling of the heart-warming heroic struggles, both past and present, to keep a dying part of Britain’s railway heritage alive.

Due to innovations and advancements in technology, this has resulted in a drastic decline of the traditional railways, and why the East Lancashire Railway along with their budding team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, strive to keep Britain’s Railway legacy living on for future generations to experience.

Step on the platform and enter a bygone era of transportation and travel, feel like you have stepped back in time, to experience Britain’s booming rail era empire.

Dine with distinction and sophistication, by opting for one of their on board dining services such as the Red Rose Dinner or as we did the lovely Lancastrian Lunch.

Roll out the red carpet, step on board their traditional Orient Express Pullman style carriages, as the team prepare for your arrival, with the dining manager and your personal waiter making their introductions, to provide you with the ultimate first-class elegant experience.

Feel the 1920s glamour and grandeur, within vintage dining trains, with opulent upholstery, fully complete with the bells and whistles, including clean and crisp fresh white table linen along with the best in bespoke dinnerware’s.

Prepare for departure, waive bye to the people on the platform, as the staff salute, and the steam engine begins motions to get you away on your exciting and exquisite journey back to the Golden Age of Steam.

Beginnings start with a classy champagne toast or for the non-drinkers amongst us, a fabulous flute of fresh orange juice.  Steam engines all go, soak up the sounds, atmosphere and enjoy the picturesque and lovely Lancashire countryside and beautiful Irwell Valley.

Silver service, four course gorgeous gastronomic dining with their sensational signature service, style and flare, the lovely Lancastrian lunch was a lovely way to spend a few hours of our day.

Food is seasonal, quality and where possible locally sourced.  Sensational starters included the Smoked Salmon Beetroot Gradvadlax Terrine with a crisp summer salad and the vegetarian offering of the tasty Three Bean Salad with Seeds and a Balsamic Glaze.

Sit back and enjoy the fantastic food, as you look on at what railway life has to offer, see signals and many a happy worker waiving, as you head off on your journey.

Mouth-watering marvellous mains included the Honey Roasted Duck Breast with sauce l’orange and the Vegetarian choice a brilliant Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Brie Pativier on a Bed of Rocket with Spiced Beetroot Puree all served with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

Steam through stations, and you will witness many rail enthusiasts, taking their moment to snap a pic or two of the sensational steam giants.

The beautiful Baked Wild Blueberry Cheesecake desert with fresh cream was just stunning and how the team manage to produce this first-class high-quality nosh on board a moving train is beyond me.  It’s no wonder why they have received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for outstanding customer reviews and the prestigious Taste Lancashire award.

All washed down with complimentary tea, coffee and a delicious dining with distinction chocolate.

Rawtenstall was the end of the line, so the super steam train makes that all important pitstop and provides passengers on board the chance to stretch their legs and also watch the exciting and entertaining action, as the train prepares to be pulled onward back to Bury.

The noise and sounds of the railway are all part of the trains movements and safety, but for me are an immersive, unique moment to saviour and a special part of being aboard such a magnificent train.

Arrival back at Bury, the train slowing down to a stop, allows a moment to reflect on an outstanding, opulent, elegant and sophisticated dining experience.

Prior to departure, the train showcases one last all mighty puff of super steam and one thing that you can guarantee is that taking part in this experience your money has not gone up in smoke, as the experience provides memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




94 thoughts on “East Lancashire Railway: Lancastrian Lunch #Review

  1. This looks great, I’m jealous. We went last year for one of the Thomas the Tank Engine events and we both commented how we would love to come for our lunch just the two of us. Lucas would love the Golden Arrow

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  2. I work on the railways so this is right up my street. Pullman dining cars are so luxurious! I highly recommend travelling on the Business Class service from Cardiff to North Wales – you get a three course meal cooked by a chef on the train. It’s just a regular train and you pay about £20 for the meal upgrade.

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  3. What a wonderful experience! How awesome to step back in time and enjoy a delicious lunch while riding trough beautiful scenery. The cheesecake must have been very good!

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  4. This looks like such a fun experience! What’s not to like with good food paired with good scenery? The potatoes served alongside the main look especially delicious!

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  5. It feels so magical, almost like your off to hog warts and the dinner is the take on the trolley but much more sophisticated. The duck breast sounds divine and finishing off with blueberry in the beautiful countryside sounds idyllic

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  6. It’s almost like traveling back in time when the railway was a typical method of transportation! SO COOL! Your photos are awesome. It’s like I’m sitting there looking at all the cool things myself! Well done! Thanks for sharing.

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  7. This looks like an amazing day out. We can have fine dining on a train at Swanage but it stays in the station. Would love to watch the scenery go by as i eat

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