Escape Reality Manchester: Legend of the Mummy #Review

Escape Reality Manchester: Legend of the Mummy Review: September 2018

Positioned within the Printworks, just opposite the Manchester Arndale and the Corn Exchange in Manchester city centre, this interactive live exciting, engaging and entertaining escape room experience, is in the heart of all the action.

On arrival, Nichol our games master, an all-round lovely lass prepped our team of two for play.  The core objective, 60 minutes to escape, by cracking a range of challenging puzzles using our mega brains, with the help of our games master and a nifty iPad which enables your team to unlock clues every 10 minutes throughout your challenge, but be warned you can only use this 5 times so use wisely.

Far back in time, scripted scrolls documented the alleged Legend of The Mummy, that deep within the Ancient Pyramids lies a treasure which if unlocked provides the founder with access to unworldly secrets.

Renowned Archaeological The Professor, began his dangerous journey, into a mysterious land, where the all great and powerful Pharaohs ruled with an iron fist, to retrieve the coveted treasure, but there have been no updates from the Professor and since setting out silence.  Presuming the worst, my squad was selected to complete this crazy cursed mission.

As the sands of time started to tick away, my crack team of amazing academic Archaeologists, grabbed their shovel, trowel and mattock tools, and prepared for an exciting Egyptian expedition.  Beginning, in the Archaeologists office and artefacts catalogue room, unearthing clues to lead us to steal the treasure from the ancient Legends.

Want to hear more about our adventure…shush I have told you way too much already, as the game is as top secret as the hidden treasure, but I can tell you our Egyptian escape expedition offered a realistic, high quality and immersive game play.

The professor payed with his life, so make sure you steal the treasure from the Ancient Legends or prepare to be imprisoned and trapped within the Pyramids for all eternity.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



74 thoughts on “Escape Reality Manchester: Legend of the Mummy #Review

  1. Wow. Surreal. Is this your first escape experience or have you done them before? I admit, this prospect has never intrigued me – I have all I can do to escape my little ones for an hour lol…

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  2. I’m super jealous every time I find myself on your page! Manchester has so many awesome things to do! I’ve never done an escape room but definitely would love to! Looks fun!

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  3. This looks so cool! I love the idea of an escape room but I’m not sure how I’d cope in one. Will have to just brave it and give it a go one day!

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  4. This sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to try an escape room but haven’t got round to it yet. I love anything to do with Egyptology too so this is right up my street x

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