Marks & Spencer Opticians Manchester #Review

Marks & Spencer Opticians Manchester Review: September

Exciting times for retail giant Marks and Spencer, as in collaboration with Galaxy Optical, branded as M&S Opticians, they are currently trialling optical practices throughout five of its UK stores including Bolton, York, Derby, London and Manchester city centre.

Manchester city centres 700 sq ft practice offers a fresh and fabulous approach to eye health and your optical requirements.  Manager Paul along with his dedicated team clearly have a customer focused strategy, providing a relaxed environment balanced with warm, welcoming and knowledgeable service, aiming to make you see the best Marks & Spencer Opticians has to offer.

After checking in with the team at the front desk manager Paul whisked me off to the pre-screening room for three core tests.  The machines test for fluid pressure, photo screen the back of eye to look for burst blood vessels, retina damage etc and also measure the curve of the eye cornea which is relevant if a prescription is required.  Also, a super cool moment was seeing the image of my own eye on screen – fascinating!

After which the results are forwarded to your Optometrist for review, prior to you entering the consultation room. Optometrist Monica provided a prompt and professional service and please even though the equipment can look a bit intimidating there is nothing to worry about, as at the other side of the machine you are simply resting your chin on a ledge to conduct further non-intrusive tests.

Not failed a test before, but they say that there is a first time for everything and a prescription was indeed required.  Manager Paul, talked through a range of considerations before choosing the correct prescriptive glasses such as colours, shapes, styles, tips such as the frame following the eyebrow line and metal vs plastic frames; a particularly important point for those with allergies.  Marks and Spencer offer a range of their own branded frames or designer offerings such as the Marc Jacobs glasses, I opted for.

After reflection, through this process, it made me realise it is not just a question of if you need glasses or not, but how much we underestimate our eye health in general.  Not having an eye test can severely impact on our day to day life’s, such as the ability to safety do your job, avoiding day to day eye strain, if prescriptive glasses are required and safety whilst out on the road.

Importantly, a new scheme is being piloted, throughout selected areas in the UK, whereby three police forces in England are planning to test every motorist they stop and if drivers fail to read a number plate from the mandatory DVLA standard of 20m away the driver’s licence will be instantly revoked.  Therefore, not having a simple eye exam can be a costly and stressful experience.

Making an appointment online is easy, followed up with a confirmation email and a reminder text when your appointment is due.  Also, life after your appointment is catered for with an after-care call from the team at Marks & Spencer Opticians, to make sure all is going good.

As a Lake District lover and all-round fan of the great outdoors, after yoga and during hiking, it was nice to pop on the specs and see the stunning scenery in all its detail and breath-taking magnificence.  Life’s too short to be blurred and reading between the lines, so get crystal clear vision with Marks & Spencer Opticians.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



58 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer Opticians Manchester #Review

  1. The glasses really suit you. Like your previous commentators I had no idea Marks and Spencers had an opticians. I don’t think it has reached Bristol yet.

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  2. Aw my little boy had to go through similar tests only yesterday! All the machines do look a bit daunting, but there’s really nothing tonit! You’re new glasses look fabulous.

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  3. Having your eyes tested is so important, as you said, and even though I’ve never failed an eye test, I recently found out the cause of my recent headaches is because of an issue with my eyes. I really liked getting to see an image of my eye on the screen too, it was fascinating!

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  4. I get my eyes tested every two years. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old and although my eyes have started to slightly improve, the shape has changed in the last few years. So I know how important it is to get regular tests!

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  5. I agree how important it is to understand your eye health, particularly as my mom was diagnosed with Glaucoma this year, so I’ve got extra symptoms to look out for. The glasses look great on you that you’ve chosen too.

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  6. This is good news actually as I am ‘between opticians’ having not been happy with my glasses from my old one. I’ll be interested in knowing what the frame prices are like, and I’ll see if there’s a store near me.

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  7. I didn’t know Marks and Spencer offer opticians service! Looks like though through you review that it is the same M&S quality like their other products and services.

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