Top Manchester Activities #Review

Top Manchester Activities: October 2018 

Marvellous Manchester, a UK city which offers visitors, so much to see and do, but here are my top options, in no particular order, for those who want to have fun while in the city.

1.TeamSport Go Karting 

Located slap bang in Manchester City Centre, Grab the Girl & Guy squad and head down to TeamSport Go Karting Manchester for the race of a lifetime.

Hit the track, feel the speed, use your skill and aim for the chequered flag and prepare to clinch victory from your opponent by driving smart.  Let Meg, Clo, Hillary and the rest of the team look after your safety while providing a fun on track experience.  What will your best lap time be?

2. Lucardo University of Magic: The Entrance Exam

Fancy your hand at being a witch or wizard, well first you must graduate from the University of Magic.  Get your wand at the ready and prepare to cast your way to success.

Lucardo offer a truly unique, immersive and exciting spellbinding experience in Manchester City Centre.  Find your way into a secret room, cast a spell and make a potion.  With Professor Emma’s help we graduated, the question is – can you?

3. Popup Painting 

Prepare to Paint Popup style, with Popup Painting, originally a London launch with the aim of promoting creativity out of the classroom.  Now held at venues throughout the UK, Manchester being one of them, try your hand at paint brushing your way to creating your very own marvellous masterpiece.  Our afternoon was based on the interpretation of Hokusai’s Great Wave Painting.

We sploshed and splashed our way around the easel like seasoned pros with our friendly skilled artist’s step by step guide.  Fancy going off-piste, not a problem, as your artist promotes and supports your inner creative desires.

The event offered a relaxed atmosphere, with laughs and giggles galore and thanks to his lovely assistant paint was in plentiful supply along with all art supplies such as brushes and apron too – all included within the price.  Why not dip into the pot and get your spills…thrills with Popup Painting, you never know you may be the next artistic genius #popuppainting

4.Vertical Chill Indoor Ice Climbing  

Location Deansgate, is the place to be, for the ultimate unique activity. Feel the freeze and get into the cold zone.  Challenge yourself to climb new heights and hear the crunch of the ice, as you battle your way to the top of this vast glacial thrill.

Our expert guide Matt was informative, knowledgeable and gave us the confidence to reach the top.  With quality kit and a top motivational mentor can you also reach the top?

5.Escape Reality Manchester: Bank Job

Grab your elite squad of highly skilled bank robbers, as you are amongst the chosen few who have been challenged to infiltrate the security systems at the world’s most protected bank vaults.

Part of our team attempted the skilled system override on the previous night but failed.  They did manage to disable the security cameras and took the opportunity to leave us clues, so our team were now fully prepped to break into the vault and steal that dazzling diamond.

Escape with the diamond within 60 minutes or face life in prison! An exhilarating, exciting and entertaining experience, will your teams diamond bank balance go boom or bust!

6.East Lancashire Railway Dining with Distinction Lancastrian Lunch

At the East Lancashire Railway, in Bury greater Manchester, you can Dine with Distinction and sophistication, by opting for one of their on-board dining services such as the Red Rose Dinner or as we did the lovely Lancastrian Lunch.

Roll out the red carpet, step on board their traditional Orient Express Pullman style carriages, enjoy delicious dining, picturesque and lovely Lancashire countryside, the beautiful Irwell Valley, providing you with the ultimate first-class elegant experience and an exquisite journey back to the Golden Age of Steam.

7.Roxy Ball Room Manchester

Rock up to Roxy Ball Room Manchester, located on Deansgate, and prepare for a fab fun filled game playing experience.  Check in with the team, Molly, Ashley and Laura, a bunch of laid back friendly guys and gals, who will make sure you have a shed load of fun.

Make sure your ball control is on top form, don’t balls things up and pot, ping pong and putt your way to victory during games of pool, ping pong and crazy golf.

8.Breakout Manchester: Enchanted

Whirling and whizzing through the library Wizarding section, a mesmerising dusty book caught our eye, as we began to turn the pages, large yawns followed, and we found ourselves deep asleep and waking up in an enchanted forest.  Wandering and walking, throughout deep forest for hours, encountering creepy creatures, scary shadows, we spotted an exciting entrance to a delightful dazzling house made of gingerbread and sweets.

What we were yet to realise is, that the witch had put us under a spell, a terrifying trap awaited and if we didn’t escape the witch would be returning to eat us.  Have your wits about you and keep chanting “run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch us we have a Gingerbread Breakout Plan!”

A spellbinding fascinating fairy tale, a charming and captivating game with a little bit of spookiness sprinkled in for good measure.  We escaped Enchanted, Breakout Manchester’s Magical escape room experience, question is can you?

9.Base Bar Mcr

Bring on your A game and prepare to bat the ball out the park, in the brilliant Base Bar Batting Cages.  Get kitted up and then the team will prep you for a super awesome session.  A plus is the balls are non-stinger, so in the unlikely event you get hit, it will be a soft blow.

So don’t be cagey, be full of confidence and you will be batting like a pro in no time.  Along with their range of amazing American snacks and drinks and some seriously awesome music beats, this is a super fun activity and well worth a whirl.

10.City Cruises Manchester Afternoon Tea

For over 30 years, Manchester City Centre Cruises, have been operating passenger boat cruises in their two luxury barge boats.  The Castlefield cruise location, was ready and waiting, for our turn to set sail with Captain Alan and his loyal sea skippers.

Enjoy the amazing Afternoon Tea on board, as you sail through the Bridgewater canal system, on to Manchester’s marvellous Media city. A yummy activity for family, friends and loved ones to enjoy.

11.Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester

Whether you go in solo or already have your squad worked out, The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester city centre, based on the 90s Iconic series, with the original legendary Maze Master Richard O’Brien and his ever loving marvellous mumsie, is where eight individuals become one team to conquer the crystal dome.

Bomber jackets, booth team time, then prepare for a journey through four zones, Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic.  The four game types include Mental, Mystery, physical and Skill, so play to your team strengths, so you can scoop as many crystals as you can to exchange for time in the Crystal Dome. And yes for the mega fans, you do get a go on the amazing Aztec super slide!

12. Junk Yard Golf

Rumours are flying around, that Crazy golf just got epic, and I can confirm it’s all true! Get your game face ready, as things are in full swing down at the super cool Junk Yard Golf site slap bang on first street Manchester.

Welcomed on course Gary, golf club in hand ready to swing into action and get on it like a car bonnet.  Yes, there is a slide, and yes you can actually slide down it too!  Party people, this is the place to be with UV Lights, loud music and flashing lights, while you get funky on the golf course and strut your stuff.

13.The Range Golf Simulator at the Range

Roll up to the Range for a High-quality Golf Simulator experience.  The lovely Charli looked after us, settled us down in our own private curtained booth, as she briefly explained the high spec Gc2s Launched monitor technology.

Try your hand at virtual play on golf courses throughout the world including Pebbles beech.  Along with the tech, added features include music, salt smells, blowing winds to give you an all-round realistic immersive simulator experience.  Hit the ball essentially against the visual facing “bed sheet” to bag yourself a hole in one.

14.Clue HQ: Cell Block C

Clue HQ, the live escape game, located under Manchester Piccadilly Train Station was where criminal Danny Badd framed myself and friends for a crime we did not commit, locked up in game Cell Block C crying out “We are innocent” but no one was listening!

With no chance of an acquittal and our appearance in court was just over 1 hour away, we were left with no option, but to try and break free before the cuffs are placed and that prison door slams for life.  We just missed out, the jury found us guilty, so we donned the orange jump suits and prepared to do the time.

15.Rock Over Climbing

Rock over Climbing Manchester, a brilliant bouldering centre, prepares you to soar new heights and prepares you to climb your way to the top.

Our lovely lady instructor, a real diamond, was fab and just what you want when you are a complete novice; practical, patient, friendly and gave you the confidence to tackle the climb. Want to get to the next grade, well I’m sure Rock over Climbing, will get you on peak form.

Now, the only challenge left is, that you just need to work your way through the full list, have fun!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


129 thoughts on “Top Manchester Activities #Review

  1. Melanie, thank you so much for this list. I moved about 15 miles away from Manchester a couple of years ago but have never really explored the city outside of Afflecks and Travelling Man. Now have more than a few ideas for days out for me and the SO x

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  2. Oh I love Manchester! We used to live just down the road and it’s where my husband’s family all live. Such a fab city and so much to do, as your article proves! I really want to try Escape Manchester after reading this.

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  3. What an amazing collection of fun activities to do in Manchester! I had no idea that an ice wall to climb was even a thing – especially not for indoors! But that is seriously cool {no pun intended!}

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