Fun without the rum at Turtle Bay Blackburn #Review

Fun without the rum at Turtle Bay Blackburn – Review: October 2018

Bring on the good vibes, without the booze, at Blackburn’s Turtle Bay located in the Cathedral quarter development.

Follow the bold bright lights and make Turtle Bay your “One Love”. Plenty of warm welcomes from the GM Heather, Abs, Ben, Shania and all the team, who did a fab job looking after us all evening.

The bar offers a chilled casual Caribbean style service, why not wrap your lips around a can of super refreshing ting, the national Caribbean soft drink or opt for a non-alcoholic cocktail and staff will shake things up.  The lush Virgin Kolada a fab frozen blend of coconut milk, coconut syrup and pineapple juice.  The Virgin Passion Punch was packed with fresh passion fruit, lemon & orange juices.

Enjoy a Strawberry & Vanilla Nojito mixed up with Strawberry & mint, vanilla, lime & apple juices.  Then chill out with a Virgin Raspberry Reggae man, with lashings of raspberry, pomegranate, lime & lemonade, I can guarantee you this will be a good ‘ting’

Reggae up to the restaurant, satisfy those hunger pangs and get hot, hot, hot.  A colourful place with some chilled Caribbean musical beats.

Starters began with some lovely Caribbean hummus and then the mighty vibrant vital veggie platter, a feast of sensational Sweet corn fritters, tasty crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushroom & peppers with spicy jerk, halloumi and mango flatbread, plantain with a super green salad thrown in for good measure.

Mouth tingling mains included the whole 24 hour spice marinated pork ribs, with spicy jerk, sweet potato fries and Caribbean slaw.  Also, the amazing Aubergine curry in a light fragrant curry sauce, with steamed rice and roti flatbread.  Spice things up with a whole range of sides such as spiced fries and jerk halloumi.

Dang the desserts were gorgeous and both vegan too, the super scrummy salted caramel brownie, a baked pie served warm with light chocolate ice-cream and a small exception to the alcohol rule, the rum and raisin bread pudding, slow baked with rum, cinnamon, raisins and vanilla ice-cream.  All washed down with a perfect peanut butter and banana smoothie.

Don’t be a jerk, book into Turtle Bay Blackburn and feel the love.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


74 thoughts on “Fun without the rum at Turtle Bay Blackburn #Review

  1. I went to Turtle Bay for the first time recently in York. I had the squid which was really good, plus a margarita which turned out to be 2 for 1 – such a shame!! 😀

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  2. I’ve been to a turtle bay before and the cocktails are amazing!! I have to admit that I’ve not tried the non alcoholic ones though! We have never tried out the food but it looks and sounds delicious xx

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  3. We have a Turtle Bay not too far from us and I’ve never been… but after reading this I am going to have to go soon. It looks gorgeous! I’ve heard great things about the cocktails before too x

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  4. Oh it looks so vibrant ! Full of life ! The food looks delicious too! Would love to visit one day! I live in Ireland so it will be a trip to get to Turtle Bay Blackburn but if I’m ever in the area it’s now on the list 😉

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  5. Oh my gosh all this looks so yummy and delicious and is right up my taste buds street. They don’t fancy starting up in Southern Sweden do they??!!! Love the idea of all those cocktails too without a hangover

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  6. I would love to visit here! I spent a few months living in the Caribbean in 2008 and I loved it there. This would bring back so many memories and it really looks amazing!

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  7. That food looks really good and I love Jerk and the rum based cocktails also look very nice. It looks as though it would be a fun place to go with a group of freinds.

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  8. I need to visit this place. We are not too far from Balckburn and it sounds awesome. It’s not the first time I’ve heard good things about Turtle bay too!

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