Escape Reality Edinburgh Tortuga Pirates & Jungala #Review

Escape Reality Edinburgh Tortuga Pirates & Jungala Review: November 2018

Escape Reality Edinburgh, located within the Fountainbridge area, offers an entertaining, exciting and engaging real-life escape game experience. Dave, Brian and the rest of the team provide warm welcomes and enthusiastic energy throughout.

Family and friends unite your strong genius team of between 2-6 people, take on the challenge and prepare to play the game.  Question is can you escape, you have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, use your skills wisely and become the A-team!

Calling all you Jungle Explorers out there, grab your survival backpack, camouflage and torch to take on Jungala.  A rumbling noise could be heard from the attic, cautiously climbing up the stairs, we noticed a dusty cobwebbed game box.  As we attempted to wipe through the dust, the game suddenly opens, engulfed by a super strength vortex, we were briefly transported into an alternative realm, which was a terrifying sight, and within minutes back in the attic again.

Immediately, attempting to leave the attic, shook up and scared, but the game had other plans.  “The dice have been rolled” now appeared to be embossed on the game, we had no choice, but to play the game and seal our fate, fail and you are locked inside the game’s realm forever.  We escaped, but the question is can you?

Pirates at the ready to play the Tortuga Pirates game.  Ahoy matey, it was all hands on deck at Port Royal 1718, as there was mutiny aboard the Mariposa ship.  My scally crew decided to lock myself Captain Williams and some of my loyal crew members in the ships prison, but this can’t stop us getting over to Tortuga island to find Derdrake’s buried treasure.

Derdrake’s treasure is needed to destroy a curse, that will transform us into a spectre, but we only have until full moon before the curse transforms us for all eternity.  Treasure in hand me hearty’s, we sailed off into the sunset unscathed, but can you avoid spectre doom?

Escaped both games within 60 minutes, well if those competitive juices are in full flow why not see how quick you can escape to see if you can make the coveted Leader board for the Expert Escapees.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


67 thoughts on “Escape Reality Edinburgh Tortuga Pirates & Jungala #Review

  1. I haven’t had the chance to do a real escape room, but my family played the board game this summer. That was a lot of fun, so I want to try a real one in the future. Maybe when my boys are old enough we will do it as a family adventure.

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  2. I love escape rooms. I’ve done a few including one in Florida, and a couple of times we’ve managed to escape in time. In fact looking at the website, I realise I have done the Jungala escape room in Escape Reality in Cardiff! I didn’t get out

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  3. I’ve never done an escape room of anything like it, I think if be too scared. I love how immersed you get, it sounds so atmospheric and creepy!

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  4. I love puzzles and challenges, and am a big fan of Escape Rooms style games. The Jungle themed one sounds like a real-life version of Jumanji LOL! It’s a shame these are so far away from me though, as I’d have loved to have gone xx

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    1. Me too, always good to keep the mind working. Haha it pretty much was. Ah now you need not worry, as they have one right in Manchester, so not far from you at all. They don’t have the Jungle game in Manchester, but have the pirate themed one and and Egyptian one too. Another option is to use this as the perfect excuse to Visit Edinburgh lol xx

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  5. I love escape rooms especially the really gory and scary ones where you need to put your mind to it! I hope you had a lovely time doing this one!


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