The Dome Edinburgh Afternoon Tea #Review

The Dome Edinburgh Afternoon Tea Review: November

The Dome, a marvellous building proudly flying their three flags; Great Britain, Scotland and of course the Dome itself.  Inside, the Georgian Suite, was to be the location for an amazing Afternoon tea, providing a plush, opulent and magnificent setting to indulge in this quintessential tradition.


Absorb and admire the sumptuous and splendid interiors, with the black and gold wall panelling, upholstered cushioning on the elegant ebony chairs, crystal chandeliers and crisp white linen with all the bells and whistles.

Also, we just so happened to pop by at the right time, as the Dome was decked out in all their fabulous Christmassy wares.

Beautiful and Bespoke Gainsborough Sheffield silver tea service and Chardonnay Pattern Dudson Fine Bone China are use throughout service enhancing the elegance of the experience.

Afternoon Tea proceedings overseen by Head Chef Sue Snider, providing a range of fabulous finger sandwiches, super Scones in both fruit and plain varieties served with clotted cream and jam, along with a selection of scrummy sweet treats.

What would Afternoon tea be without the tea right? Well, The Dome have devised the menu to pair with their nine varieties of loose tea which include a range of herbal infusions and of course Traditional Scottish brew.

Enjoy a little you time, indulge and enjoy!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


80 thoughts on “The Dome Edinburgh Afternoon Tea #Review

  1. I loooove afternoon tea and now I really want to have one next to a Christmas tree in a gorgeous setting like this! It all looks and sounds wonderful and I love when afternoon tea is done properly with loose tea leaves in those fancy teapots xx

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  2. Aw just look st that Christmas tree! I love a good classic Victorian Christmas decoration, the place looks absolutely wonderful. The afternoon tea sounds fabulous, a lovely little treat.

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  3. Wow! What a truly magnificent experience it must have been. Christmas is my favorite holiday, partly due to the beautiful decorations all around, so I absolutely loved that you captured the decor. Also, the food look simply scrumptious!

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  4. The scrooge in me is bah humbug it’s no where near Christmas, the little kid is like WOW it’s all so pretty and festive and oooooooooh! The afternoon tea looks scrumptious to x

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  5. The Dome sounds lovely. The afternoon tea looks dreamy. Always have wanted to book an afternoon but haven’t got round to doing it. Will look into The Dome.

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