Botanist York: Mocktail Making Class & Private Dining at the Tool Shed #Review

Botanist York: Mocktail Making Class & Private Dining at the Tool Shed – Review: November 2018

With Party Season ready and heading into full swing, its time to sip and eat your way through the festive season with the Botanist York located on the corner of the lovely Little Stonegate York.

Make your party or celebration gathering extra special, mix things up and begin proceedings by shaking things up a little, with a private group cocktail or mocktail making class at the Botanist York.

Ed aka our cocktail connoisseur and mixologist, was a blooming pleasure to meet.  A lovely lad, with bags of energy and enthusiasm along with passion, drive and an in-depth expert knowledge of the cocktail industry.

On our arrival everything was ready, waiting and Ed was raring to go.  He took us through a step by step process of how to pour and explained the measuring and counting system, which was so much fun, as we got to give this a whirl and my volume was pretty much spot on, so I was feeling pretty smug.

Making mocktails to perfection is mass like these peeps do day in and day out is a highly technical skill that requires precision, accuracy and flare.  However, for my whistle stop visit, the mocktail making class was a real dream, super fun and provided plenty of giggles and laugh out loud moments.

Ed took time out to demonstrate and help us to perfect our skills, listened to us, patient and an all-round cool chap.  We tried our hand at making two mocktails; the first a new addition to the menu, Juniper Garden, used making the herbal blend of Seedlip Garden a non-alcoholic spirit, along with elderflower cordial, apple juice, lemon juice, vanilla and sage syrup and juniper berries.

The second a Botanist classic the Berry Good Times, a mixture of fresh blackberries, blueberries, mint and a touch of raspberry syrup all shaken up with cranberry and apple juice and garnished off with a sprig of minty loveliness.

…And as for our final mocktail results, not too shabby at all, thanks to all Ed’s fab advice and demonstrations.

Escape the hustle and bustle by indulging in some private dining in the Botanists aptly named Tool Shed.  With enough seating for up to 10 people, this is the ideal gathering for friends, family or a corporate evening out.  Emma along with Amy did an amazing job at looking after us throughout the evening.

Why not sit back, chill out and start with a cheeky drink or two, as the Botanist York offer a range of beers, spirits, cocktails and my personal fav mocktails.  All the greens mocktail made with fresh mint, ginger, kiwi, a splash of apple and lemon along with plant-powered elixir looked fab and tasted amazing!

Start with some awesome olives with paprika and garlic, houmous with grilled flatbread and crudités and the perfectly presented creamy garlic mushrooms with a mini Hovis loaf.

Mouth-watering mains included a hearty serving of fabulous Fish & Chips and the super sweet potato and quinoa salad with broccoli, spiced aubergine and tahini.

The delightful dessert was sensational and an absolute winner! The botanist allotment included millionaires shortbread, meringues, churros, jellies and amaretti crumb with a smoking almond surprise.

Mix things up and then chill things out, with some delicious dining and drinking, in the Tool shed at Botanist York.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



74 thoughts on “Botanist York: Mocktail Making Class & Private Dining at the Tool Shed #Review

  1. I visited the botanist in Sheffield a few weeks back, I could decide what cocktail to have so just had a glass of wine and it was lovely. I thought it was expensive but looks amazing and the food looks gorgeous x

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  2. This place looks stunning and beautiful. That is even before you have told me I can make cocktails and mocktails, some of my favourite drinks!! I’d love a trip here to chill out in 🙂

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  3. I love The Botanist that isn’t too far from me. I was trained in cocktails many years ago so never do the classes like this but this is the one place I have considered it as they have such an amazing way of pairing flavours together. Much more that I know.

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  4. How fun to have a private mocktail party where you learn how to make a few drinks! That is a great idea! The food looks great and sounds like a really fun time with family and friends!

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  5. This sounds like such a cool glass! I’d love to learn how to make mocktails (and cocktails too). I have a beautiful cocktail set at home but I haven’t used it yet for anything too complicated.

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  6. Sounds like so much fun, I love cocktail making classes, they make it look super impressive even when it’s really easy to do. Very easy way to impress someone! x

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