Fudge Kitchen York: Fudge Making Experience #Review

Fudge Kitchen York: Fudge Making Experience – Review: November 2018

Fudge Kitchen, nestled away in the quaint Shambles area of York, produces fabulous flavoursome fudge daily.  The brand began producing artisan fudge in the UK, as Jim Garrahy’s fudge kitchen, back in 1983 and then shortened their name to Fudge Kitchen in 2010.  Jim was the creator of Fudge Kitchens, fudge recipe, that dates back to the 1830’s and incredibly is still hand made on marble slabs.

Allegedly, fudge originates from when a lecturer, over at a female college in Vasser, USA, was taking a class in Toffee making, but as the temperature was not high enough, the end product was called fudge.  Hence, why the term ‘fudge’ is used to denote an error.

We prepared ourselves for a fudge making extravaganza and donned the wonderful wicker traditional straw hats aka a natty boater, with the amazing Apron embossed with the Fudge Kitchen logo and could not wait to enjoy the hour-long Fudge Making Experience.

Darren and Dawn a delightful duo and our team leaders for the amazing Fudge Making Experience, both absolute super stars! Things got hot and steamy, as the fudge mixture was pre-prepared, and temperatures soared, as they poured the mixture onto the marble slab.

Now the process was all about timing, making sure that the fudge had set and was ready to be worked.  Looking rather mischievous, checking the fudge had set and not removing the steel bars too early, as the fudge would have gone into melt down, turned into a lava like flow and have ended up all over the place.  However, we avoided fudge lava, as our expert theatrical fudge masters Dawn and Darren kept things on track and avoided us making a fudge of things!

While working the fudge, defiantly a time to flex the arm muscles for sure, we learned about the interesting history, science and techniques of fudge making.

This was time to put the fun into overdrive, go wild and make our very own fudge fountains which was an absolute giggle.

Learning to ‘slab & loaf’ and create our very own beautiful fudge baguette ready to set, slice and most importantly taste.

The Fudge Making Experience is for between 1-3 people, around an hour in duration and as well as participating in a demonstration with your fudge expert, you also receive six slices of fudge while on site, a further 6 slice box to take away with you and a Make Fudge At Home Skills Kit, so you can put your skills and newly found expertise to good use when you arrive back home.

An entertaining, exciting experience, with interesting and immersive theatrical fudge making moments, ideal for a treat from you to you, or would make the most perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one.

Don’t make a fudge of things, make sure you don’t forget to book your fabulous Fudge Making Experience.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



68 thoughts on “Fudge Kitchen York: Fudge Making Experience #Review

  1. The get up looks fab!! I adore fudge and that raspberry and white chocolate one looks delicious. My attempts at making it at home are never very successful though

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  2. I haven’t had fudge in so many years. When I was in middle school my best friend’s mom would make it all the time. I’ve tried, and it just isn’t the same. Maybe I need to try a class like this, but I can’t imagine making that much at once!

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  3. I think this would be an amazing experience for me and my daughter – she is the worlds biggest fudge fan! I’m actually going to look into getting her an experience for Christmas as I had no idea that you could do this x

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  4. What a fantastic experience! Unfortunately I don’t like fudge (toffee, yes but fudge no), so it would be wasted on me … though the process fascinates me x

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