Base MCR Manchester #Review

Base MCR Manchester – Review: December 2018

Base MCR, located in Manchester city centre, in a super cool and quirky railway arch space.  Fully kitted out with bar and seating area where you can enjoy a pre-match bite to eat and drink before battle begins.

Try their Veggie dogs or hotdogs with lashings of red sauce and mustard, with salted or peanut butter pretzels and swizzle sticks.

Make you way down to the Base Bar Batting Cages and the lovely Tez aka Base Bar employee and all-round lovely lad, will I am sure, look after you just as amazingly well as he did throughout our visit.

Get kitted up and then the Base MCR team will prep you for a super awesome session.

Bring on your A game and prepare to bat the ball out the park, in the brilliant Base Bar Batting Cages.

A plus is the balls are non-stinger, so in the unlikely event you get hit, it will be a soft blow.

Ideal for a night out with friends’ family or the perfect date night activity for you and your other half.

Batting is a good laugh and when you hit the score boards you start to feel like a pro…don’t get too cocky mind, as you start to lose your focus and miss that all important score board.

Put on your best game face, don’t be cagey, be full of confidence and you will be batting like a pro in no time.

Compare the final scores, but don’t dog peeps out, just have fun and bring on them balls!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



69 thoughts on “Base MCR Manchester #Review

  1. OMG this place looks right up my street I love it! Need to visit it ASAP! 🙂
    I’m definitely going to MCR soon so will make sure I visit this x

    – kris

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  2. I love the American feel of this place from the menu although I’m not a huge hotdog fan so would skip them to the addition of the baseball cage. That would be a lot of fun

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