Escape Hunt Manchester Cowboys Vs Pirates: Wild West & Blackbeard’s Treasure Escape Rooms #Review

Escape Hunt Manchester Cowboys Vs Pirates: Wild West & Blackbeard’s Treasure – Review: February 2019

Exciting Escape Hunt Manchester, located in Manchester city centre, is where all the action takes place.  Cowboy or Pirate, you decide and prepare for a wild west ride or swash buckling adventure.

I am sure you will be warmly welcomed by the team, just like on our arrival, and their game masters are awesome.

Howdy partners, the wild west tiny frontier town of East Victoria, has struck gold, so celebrations throughout town are rife.

Not everything that glistens is gold though, as with this news, the bloodthirsty Bill French Gang are riding their way into town to claim the gold and kill everyone in East Victoria.

With the Sheriff out of town, our only hope is to load the gold and residents into a rusty old locomotive, that hasn’t worked for years, get this going and you escape with your lives and get the Gold & the Glory yee-ha, fail and prepare for a Plastic Pistol shoot-down with the Bill French gang who will take no mercy, so make sure you lasso your way to victory.

From the wild land to the high seas, swagger onto the plunging pirate galleon, mid-way through a battle, as the terrifying Captain Blackbeard has just been killed.

Ship shot to bits and sinking fast, you must take control.  Arr me hearties, grab the crew as it’s all hands-off deck, lets jump ship, of course not before grabbing a hand full of gold pieces from Blackbeard’s legendary treasure chest.

Gold in hand, but the cabin door jammed shut and with just 60 minutes to escape, here’s me hoping…we managed to escape, as knowing full well the sharks don’t grant no parley and we didn’t fancy becoming their feed.

We looted the bootie, so it’s a pirates life for us, what about you?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


86 thoughts on “Escape Hunt Manchester Cowboys Vs Pirates: Wild West & Blackbeard’s Treasure Escape Rooms #Review

  1. I love escape rooms! I did a police crime scene one not long ago. We got in free as my pal did the modelling for the victim – not bad for pretending to be a dead body.

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  2. I love escape rooms! I’m not sure which one I’d pick – cowboys AND pirates are two excellent themes. We did a family escape room on board HMS Belfast in London … the children were rubbish!

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