Drive into 2019 with TeamSport Manchester go Karting #Review

Drive into 2019 with TeamSport Manchester go Karting – Review: March 2019

Grab the Girl & Guy squad and head down to the Team Sport Go Karting Multi Level Circuit, in Manchester city centre, for the race of a lifetime.

Meg and Clo welcomed our team, assisted with the pre-driver registration, making the process for you and your mates’ super-duper easy!

Aim for the fitting rooms, get kitted up and then prepare for the safety briefing meet and DVD, prior to track time.  Adrenaline flowing, head down to track and get ready to gear up for a track thrill.

Helmeted up, lower your visor, prepare to buckle up and take on 550m of Team Sport track, with karts capable of 40mph speeds, high-octane straights and 15 bends.

Who will your on-track persona be, The Stig or Lewis Hamilton, you decide, but for us it was battle of Green Vs Gold.

Want to stay off the track, no problem, there is a full spectator area and bar for you to chill track side while watching the action.

Hit the track, rev your engine, feel the speed, use your super skills, maintain pole position, aim for the chequered flag and prepare to clinch victory from your opponent by driving quick smart.

Safety is number one, and on the evening Meg, Clo and all the team had this covered, so we could focus on fun and the drive of our life’s.

Want the top spot on the racing podium, think you have what it takes, well head down to the Team Sport circuit under Manchester Arena Car Park and drive your way to the winning top spot.

No need to slam on the breaks just yet, as why not hang out track side and regroup in the onsite bar and eatery.

Hit the bar, have a drink to refresh and revitalise while you talk all things driving.

Grab yourself a further slice of the action, refuel and refresh, and keep those wheels turning, this time though the Pizza wheels.  Everything was as smooth as could be thanks to the brilliant service from Dillon.

TeamSport Manchester – TSM – Track Smart Moments

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


79 thoughts on “Drive into 2019 with TeamSport Manchester go Karting #Review

  1. I’d like to do this! The last go-kart I drove was on a cruise ship (really!) They are great fun – and I’m a bit of a dare-devil speed queen behind the wheel!!!

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  2. I’ve not been go-karting in ages. I’d love to go again it’s so much fun!!! It’s easier indoors as you don’t need to worry about the rain.

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  3. This looks like such a fun place to go for a family night. With the food and the bar it’s a full night of fun! I wish I lived closer to one.

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  4. I didn’t realise just how fast go karts can go! 40mph sounds scary especially when you have 15 bends to contend with! Sounds like it’s definietly a great day out if you love adrenaline filled activities. I would be more than happy watching and enjoying the pizza!


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