Tipsy Tea at Slug & Lettuce Manchester Spinningfields #Review

Tipsy Tea at Slug & Lettuce Manchester Spinningfields – Review: March 2019

Located in the super Spinningfields location, right in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant city centre, the Slug and lettuce Spinningfields is the ideal place to share fun filled moments and create memories with family and friends.

Situated waterside, the wooden veranda terrace area is a scenic space to enjoy outdoor dining, drinking or both.

Inside interiors are floral themed with upholstered seating, Pink illuminated lighting and amazing artwork adorning the walls.

Welcomed warmly by excellent Emily, who served us fantastically throughout, we prepared to enjoy a tasty Tipsy Tea, as our space had been pre-reserved, so we were all good to go.

The tasty Tipsy Tea includes a selection of scrummy sandwiches including Tuna mayo & cucumber, Halloumi & avocado and Chicken & slow-roasted tomato.

Scones with clotted cream, Tiptree strawberry jam and some yummy bite sized dessert sweet treats including Chocolate brownie, Macaringues and Cookie crumb profiteroles.  Along with 2 glasses of fizzy prosecco to wash it all down with.

For the non-alcoholic drinkers, like me, let your plus one have the fizz and why not add on some of the lovely lush mouth-watering mocktails including the Bambini bellini mixed with Cranberry juice, white peach purée, lime juice and Schweppes lemonade.

Also, the amazing Apple Mojito infused with Mint, lime and apple juice, topped with soda and then the fab Fruity Pornstar Martini shaken up with Passion fruit purée, pineapple juice and vanilla syrup, shaken and topped with a passion fruit.

All in all, we had a lovey, lazy and relaxed, Tipsy Tea

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


76 thoughts on “Tipsy Tea at Slug & Lettuce Manchester Spinningfields #Review

  1. This looks like an amazing location! I love finding restaurants that have unique and interesting drinks. And the setting of that patio!? Gorgeous! Definitely a place I’d like to visit sometime 🙂

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  2. What a fabulous afternoon tea! I didn’t realise there was a Slug & Lettuce down in Spinningfields, I will have to check it out 🙂 Sim x

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  3. This place is gorgeous and I would love to visit it. My younger daughter Yanah and I love afternoon tea which means we will be delighted to visit such place.

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  4. This place looks like a chick place to enjoy any occasion: with friends, after work, or during lunch. Love the selection of bread items!

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  5. Tipsy Tea at Slug & Lettuce sounds like a great place to hangout. I wish we had cool places to eat where I live. The food and drinks look so delicious.

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  6. Wow this place sounds absolutely amazing! I’m sure those mocktails are so refreshing and yummy. A perfect place to bond with your good friends and family.

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