Pasta Evangelists Vegetarian Feasting Box & Pasta Making Kit #Review

Pasta Evangelists Vegetarian Feasting Box & Pasta Making Kit – Review: March 2019

Pasta Evangelists a London based business headed up by co-founder Alessandro CEO and Chris head of Operations & finance with their team of Pasta enthusiasts.

The brand can be pasta proud, as they have three food heavy weight who are official Evangelists and also co-founders in their business including, he Times restaurant critic and columnist Giles Coren, founder of Leith’s School of Food & Wine and Great British Bake-off celeb Prue Leith and food critic & MasterChef judge William Sitwell.

Pasta Evangelists ensure high standards, with fresh handmade pasta, with no additives and using only the good stuff, the best Italian Doppio zero flour, with fresh egg, water and just a pinch of salt.

The amazingness continues with their range of sauces and garnishes using authentic ingredients such as their beautiful blushing Datterini tomatoes from Sicily or the classic pesto di pistacchi, a take on the classic Ligurian sauce using pistachios grown in the Sicilian sun.

The Vegetarian Feasting Box, a fab kit with information cards, did not disappoint, including super scrumptious dishes such as the fabulous Fusilloni with spicy Arrabbiata sauce, parmesan & fresh Basil.  Also, the tasty ‘Tricolore’ Tortelloni with tomato, mozzarella & Basil with sage butter and parmesan.  Finally, the gorgeous giant pesto-filled gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce and parmesan.

Also, no need to even provide you with step by step instructions, as it was super simple and easy to do with excellent results.

Got some pasta inspiration why not opt for one of their stunning Pasta making kits, well why not whip up a Pasta swirl in the kitchen too.

Making gnocchi and ravioli was a real joy, as top quality wonderful wooden tools had been provided.

The kit would make an ideal mothers day gift or perfect for a cosy and cute date night in.

Combing ingredients sourced from Italy along with lovingly handcrafting each piece of pasta at their London location, it’s easy to see why the team have achieved pasta perfection.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


68 thoughts on “Pasta Evangelists Vegetarian Feasting Box & Pasta Making Kit #Review

  1. This pasta reminds me how my grandmother makes it! With all love and care about presentation and amazing taste. I would love to buy this kit, it looks yummy.

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  2. Oh wow, this does sound really good. I must confess pasta is one of my weaknesses. I do love spicy Arrabbiata sauce with pasta – bet theirs is amazing!!!

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  3. I’ve been saying for ages that I’d love to make my own pasta so maybe I should give these a go. I bet it’s not as easy as I think though x

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  4. As a vegetarian, this is quite exciting. I’ve never made my own pasta before, but these looks fun and I love the tools that come with it! I’d love to give it a go.

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