Breakout Room Liverpool Cursed Carnival and Warped Escape Games #Review

Breakout Room Liverpool Cursed Carnival and Warped Escape Games Review: July 2019

Lovely Liverpool, location for an exciting escape experience at the brilliant Breakout Liverpool.

The Breakout team always make you feel welcome giving you that warm & fuzzy feeling.  Tom S and Sam, our games masters, did a cracking job.  Really nice guys; professional, enthusiastic and importantly came across as super genuine – ideal ambassadors for the breakout brand for sure.

Roll up roll up and enjoy all the fun of the cursed carnival.  Yesterday evening my squad went to the local carnival and luckily, we won a prize…or perhaps unluckily!

Our carnival puppet prize Frankie had that eerie feel.  Later that night, a strange dream turned into a nightmare, followed with a haunting and creepy voice saying that we must return our prize Frankie within 7 days.

Returning to the carnival on the 7th day, we entered the old workshop to break the curse. Don’t clown around too much though, as you only have 60 minutes to breakout, or all your nightmares will come true.  We escaped, but can you?

Now take a step back in time and be warped into another dimension.  Our super smart genius friend had been working on a project which promised to change the way you view the concept of time!

Yes, prepare to turn back time and take a test run in her time machine, but on arrival no one was there just a set of instructions to help recover items that she had let scattered throughout history.

Quick smart though, as you need to stop this butterfly effect within 60 minutes, or this will destroy the future.  We avoided this catastrophic historical data collision, but can you do the same?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



67 thoughts on “Breakout Room Liverpool Cursed Carnival and Warped Escape Games #Review

  1. You’ve done so many of these escape/breakout rooms! I would have never thought there would be so many with all of these themes. I still haven’t done one, but they look like so much fun. But, I’ll admit, not sure I could do the carnival one because it would creep me out!

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  2. These have never really appealed to me although I’m sure my kids would love to have a go. There is a new one opening up close to us so we may give it a go this summer

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