Grange Live Gaming Birmingham Rage Room #Review

Grange Live Gaming Birmingham Rage Room Review: August 2019

Warmly welcomed by all the team, you could instantly tell they are all a close-knit family at Grange and just a brilliant bunch.

Over 18 and need some time out to de-stress, well prepare to go large, get into your navy-blue overalls to take on the Rage room experience.

Rage Room is not about encouraging rage and anger, but a fun, interactive activity that is an ideal team building exercise, allows you to de-stress or simply smash some stuff up in a safe environment.

Hannah our lovely host, made the experience even more enjoyable.  Hannah made us feel relaxed and created an electrifying atmosphere, you can clearly see her passion for this wild activity.

From bottles, screens, keyboards, to printers there is a whole range of items for you to smash into pieces, in this Birmingham Rage Room extravaganza.

The deluxe package has a variety of goodies, so allows you to sample all items and then choose your favs for the next time you visit.

How many of us have had a problem with a printer at work or home…well now is the time to get your own back and smash this printer into next year!

Super satisfying was throwing the glass bottles at the wall, while listening to some rock classic’s, we could have easily continued on and had a bottle bonanza…

Hannah was always in the room with us, making the activity safe, but still allowing us space to let go and have fun.

Would I recommend Rage Room…absolutely, a smashing experience!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



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