Escape Live Birmingham Time Machine Escape Game #Review

Escape Live Birmingham Time Machine Escape Game Review: August 2019

Escape Live Birmingham, under the arches, on Henrietta Street was the place where time didn’t stand still, as we prepared to time travel and be vortexed off into different dimensional parallel worlds.

Game master Guy…what a Guy…friendly, plenty of patience and just a lovely chap.  Guy let us into a secret shush…Jamie Sherman, ingenious inventor, has actually managed to invent the world’s first-time machine.

However, hold off the celebrations, as things have gone a little bit wrong, as Jamie noticed a serious glitch and needs your help.

Your team must take Jamie’s prototype, follow in his tracks and get him back, within 60 minutes, to present day before it’s too late, as he will be lost floating around different time zones for eternity.

Think cool retro quirky game play with various themes such as the 90s including Sega, Gameboy, Spice Girls, battleships and that’s it I’m not telling you much more, if you want to be in the know head down to Escape Live Birmingham and just hope that time is on your side.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



62 thoughts on “Escape Live Birmingham Time Machine Escape Game #Review

  1. The Escape Rooms certainly seem to be gaining popularity and come in about every theme imaginable. I’m tempted to give it a go although the time limit would probably stress my type “A” personality to the max.

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  2. I haven’t been to any though. I know my children would love it, but for me, I still have muster enough courage to try it. I am claustrophobic and I fear I would go into panic mode if I cannot “escape.”

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  3. I love Escape Rooms! I was able to successfully complete at least 2 rooms out of 3 that I have tried. Their chosen theme is just fab. I love the 90s so I guess I am going to truly enjoy this. Hoping to get the opportunity to visit in the future.

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