Lucardo Manchester The Prison Escape Game #Review

Lucardo Manchester The Prison Escape Game Review: September 2019

A moody Manchester afternoon, location Virginia House, to take part in The Prison, NEW for 2019, an exciting, interactive and immersive escape game experience.  Including not just a full background story, but a continuing story development throughout your game play.

My gang of dodgy and underhanded criminals are down for being banged up into a Category A prison facility in Manchester after allegedly committing a series of crimes…of course we are innocent…well we like to think we are haha.

After a little convo and persuasion our connections on the inside are going to stage a riot providing the ideal opportunity for use to escape and get back to what we do best – crime!

With limited time, you need to deceive, lie and bribe to get out of this scumhole…getting a prison on side would be a good start, but that scum is hard to turn.

Don’t get caught, as you will be banged up for life, think like Michael Scofield and Co from Prison break, this enabled us to smash it, but the question is can you?

Both the lovely Lucardo guys looking after us were amazing and the Prison game experience is exciting on a whole new level.  A new style and concept of Escape Game play that works a right treat and I would well recommend!

NOTE: Please call ahead prior to booking this game if you suffer with a disability or medical condition.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx





71 thoughts on “Lucardo Manchester The Prison Escape Game #Review

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I’ve been a huge fan of escape rooms for a while now. It’s like a real-life cross between and horror video game and a board game.

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  2. This would be something my oldest two boys would love to do. They keep talking about it, but the kids are grown with busy schedules, so finding time to do something together is challenging these days. 🙂

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