Red Bus Bistro Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea #Review

Red Bus Bistro Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea Review: September 2019

Witches and wizards leave your broomstick and wands behind, as Red Bus Bistro will work their magic and fly you around Edinburgh…on the wheels of a fabulous vintage 1966 Routemaster bus of course!

The 70 – 90 minute tour takes in Edinburgh Castle, the Elephant café, along with many of the locations that inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series of book such as Spoon Café, greyfriar’s cemetery and George Heriot’s school which is believed to be the inspiration for the Hogwarts architecture.

The Red Bus Bistro team will sort you into your house, whip up some wizarding incantations and spells to create a magical mouth-watering Harry Potter themed Afternoon tea…swish and flick.

With lighthearted, fun and factual Harry Potter themed commentary from our wizarding Mr Potter, I am sure you will score his performance much more than 9 ¾!

Red Bus Bistro Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea Review 3

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin whichever house you are in, you will love the full Afternoon tea, it was delicious with a range of sandwiches, scones and sweet chocolate treats.

Also, enjoy some “I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter-Beer”, alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available, and some fab jelly beans too, but only the yummy flavours. Just keep an eye on Hedwig, as he is partial to a jelly bean or two.

You even get to have your selfie moment with Hedwig, as you sit proud in your house colours…for me I am a Gryffindorrrrr.

You may even be lucky to see a game of Quidditch in the park and even in a busy time such as Fringe, the team made the Harry Potter themed tour a spellbinding magical experience.

Don’t Potter about, get this one booked before it’s too late!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


80 thoughts on “Red Bus Bistro Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea #Review

  1. That is a really unique concept for a bistro! What a lovely experience that would be. I am glad you shared your experience and photos. It made me want to go to Edinburgh!

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  2. Oh wow!! I know both my kids would have totally loved this as they are huge Harry Potter Fans. An interesting way to tour the place and have a lovely afternoon tea as well

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  3. Yep, all you had to say was Harry Potter and I was sold! I would love to travel back to London and the surrounding area to do all of the Harry Potter things. I’ve seen Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross, but I was there before there was much else.

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  4. Ohhh this sounds and looks like a lot of fun, and I know some of my friends would love to go on this! The afternoon tea looks inviting, and I would love to try “I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter-Beer” alcoholic version of course! :p

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  5. We are really big Harry Potter fans ourselves. This sounds like such a wonderful theme for an afternoon tea. I didn’t know they had a Harry Potter one – the kids would love it!!!!

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  6. My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan and this looks so much fun 😍 Also the foods look delicious! Thanks for sharing the info with us ☺

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  7. I’ve seen the bus around town, but what fun to see inside it for once! We have been to all the Harry Potter locations of course – there’s a Quidditch team that practices in the park near us too.

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