Escape Reality Edinburgh Machina and Nosferatu Escape Games #Review

Escape Reality Edinburgh Machina and Nosferatu Escape Games Review: September 2019

Edinburgh city centre, the location for an exciting escape game experience at Escape Reality Edinburgh.

Alex and the team, super accommodating, welcomed us warmly and made us feel instantly relaxed, getting us in the zone and ready to game play.


A team of expert scientists and programmers had been painstakingly sourced and put together to perform ground-breaking experiments in order to create the first true artificial intelligence on Earth.

Accepted onto the team and quickly ushered into their secret headquarters, we noticed something was odd, as scientists were disappearing and an increase in robots showing human traits.

Escape Reality Edinburgh Machina and Nosferatu Escape Games Review 2

On trying to leave, to report these strange happenings, the door is bolted tight, we are locked in with the rest of the team.  Escape or become part of the Machina experiment.  We smashed it, but the question is can you?


It’s 1841, a time of dark happenings where vampires exist in a small region of Romania, West Transylvania.

Our close friends had been found dead in the region and we took it upon ourselves to investigate their untimely deaths.

On examining their bodies, we noticed the marks and signs of the infamous and notorious vampire Nosferatu.

It was now down to us to find the most dangerous Vampire Nosferatu, before we become his prey.

Escape Reality Edinburgh, we love you, thanks for an amazing visit!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



80 thoughts on “Escape Reality Edinburgh Machina and Nosferatu Escape Games #Review

  1. Nosferatu definitely sounds like my sort of escape room! I love the different themes escape rooms come up with, really helps set the scene and make the experience great

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  2. My two sons love escape rooms. They find it so exciting to be up to the challenges. I am slightly claustrophobic, so I may not be able to participate in such activities. I would be perfectly content watching them solve the puzzles so that they can get out. I will let them know about these two new escape rooms.

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  3. Even though I have a family member who works in the gaming world, it is still a mystery of sorts to me. Bet all the gaming aficionados would enjoy this helpful review though.

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