East Lancashire Railway Mid-week Luncheon #Review

East Lancashire Railway Mid-week Luncheon – Review: September 2019

The Bolton street station stop at Bury’s East Lancashire Railway has a rich historic industrial past, with story’s telling of the drastic decline of the traditional railways, and the heart-warming heroic struggles, both past and present, to keep a dying part of Britain’s railway heritage alive for future generations.

The atmosphere on the platform is electrifying, as the steam engine pumps and churns, excitement and anticipation build, as you prepare to be taken on an amazing journey back to the Golden Age of Steam.

Step on the platform and enter a bygone era of transportation and travel, board the vintage train and embark on a special and sophisticated kind of travel experience.

The vintage carriages are perfectly presented, immaculate and are a real breath-taking beauty.

The glamour and indulgence continue, as you sit back on beautifully upholstered seating fully complete with the bells and whistles, including clean and crisp fresh white table linen along with the best in bespoke dinnerware’s.

The mid-week luncheon served in courses with tea or coffee, begins with bread rolls and a lovely main.  We opted for the vegetarian option the tasty Tomato & Halloumi Bake with Red Pepper Orzo, delicious!

As you chow down, you are whisked through the lovely Lancashire countryside.

A brief stop a Rawtenstall station provides opportunity to stretch your legs and pose for a few snaps.  Look down the carriage and wave as you prepare to depart the station.

A sweet finale, was a delightful and delicious dessert of Clementine & Pomegranate Pudding with homemade custard washed down with tea and a Dining with Distinction after lunch chocolate.

Dining with distinction where team dedication and detail delivery guests with the ultimate dining experience.


Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




82 thoughts on “East Lancashire Railway Mid-week Luncheon #Review

  1. In the modern age, the steams engine is rarely to see. Good to see it in your picture. vintage carriages are soooooooo beautiful, the arrangements of dining are also fine.Thanks for sharing these pictures and the introduction of this railway station.

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  2. This looks just so much fun – my husband would love this! He’s a big train enthusiast and keep wanting to go on the Caledonian sleeper just for fun. Might book this for hime!

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  3. Oh wow, I would love to do this! I love old railways. When we lived in Berlin we went on a steam train ride every Christmas, but they just had benches there not dining tables.

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